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Balik kampung Data Kakus 2021 Memories - Part 1

28 December 2021


28 Dec 2021 is one of the most exciting day in my life last year. I just can't wait to go back home, see my family, introduce my son to my family for the first time and so many more. We went to celebrate Christmas 2021 at Tenom, Sabah my husband's hometown. We celebrated Christmas with my husband's family and I really can't wait to go back to my hometown. I counting the day and nervously waiting for the day to come.

When the day is finally here, I still feel nervous until I sit inside the plan, I knew that I am HOME!! We took flight from KK to Miri, not directly to Bintulu, my hometown due to no direct flight on the day we want to go back.

But, its okay, my sister's family will come fetch us.

When I saw my sister at airport, I feel like want to hug her because its been 2 years!!! but we can't due to SOP. We travelled from Miri to Bintulu and we stayed at Bintulu because we not manage to travel directly to my kampung, another 6 hours.

We stayed at local hotel, Family Inn. I will share my review soon.

My sister, Tod treat us steamboat and its feel so good to sharing meal with your family. I really feel so happy.

The next morning, we are preparing to go back to my kampung and my breakfast is Laksa Sarawak which I loveee!!

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