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Christmas 2021 Journey- Part 1

12 December 2021


Whenever December come, I always think of going back to hometown. That's my yearly routine because all my family lived in Sarawak. So, whenever year end come, I will go back for Christmas to see my family and recharge myself, get ready for new year!

But, in 2019 we didn't go back because I just get pregnant and its too risky to going back home, so we postponed to 2020, without knowing 2020 will be different kind of year! We can say " Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan".

Due to pandemic in 2020, we can't go anywhere. Just like that, we didn't go back for Christmas for 2 years!! I honestly feel so sad because I missed my family so bad and I want to introduce my son to my family but just can't! 

Also, I quit my job before Christmas 2020. Its big decision but I left that job. I just can't explain what I feel about that. All I can now is I'm glad I make that big decision as I do totally different in 2021.

This year, I really wished that we can go back home for Christmas and its my prayers everyday. And, I know going back this year will be never easy. As I just working at new company less than a year. I feel hesitate to ask for leave but I told myself "tanya jer". If I'm not allowed then its okay lah, what to do. 

So, I bravely asked my hiring manager, can I take a leave? I want going back for Christmas, its been 2 years since my last visit. My heart pounding so hard when I ask her but I prayed she will allow me. Then, she said, alright no problem and make sure I complete/settle any pending items before I go.  

I feel so happy about this! Thanks God, jawab doa.

After I get approval to go for leave, next action is buy flight tickets. 

This is very challenging because the flight tickets price is so expensive now. But, we believe that God will open the door and permudahkan and the price tickets will be affordable soon. Last week, we bought our flight tickets. It's not that cheap but its okay, next year kerja keras lagi cari duit.

All I want for Christmas 2021 is I want to see my family especially my dad! I miss him so much!

Please help bring us in your prayers supaya our Christmas 2021 journey will be smooth and we can finally see our family.



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