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Our Christmas 2021 at Tenom, Sabah

25 December 2021


Finally I have time to write about our Christmas 2021. I already missed my family and my kampung environment. I love that kind of environment but I moved or choose to live in city because of my career and dream. I must never ever forget that. Life at kampung is awesome but I'm not sure I can cope with that life pace anymore.
But, one day I definitely want to live in kampung. Live a very quite life, mine my own business and just do what I love.

This post I will share our each day activities during our Christmas 2021 holiday. I want to remember it.

Our flight from KL - Kota Kinabalu.
I was so anxious about this trip. I am very worry about many things but thanks to God we managed to travel to Kota Kinabalu.
We ate our lunch at Kota Kinabalu before we went to my husband's hometown, Tenom.
Its took 3 hours to go there. The road is quite good. Our son sleeping during the trip.
We arrived at Tenom around 6pm-7pm. Its already dark.
Our son just cried and cried because he is not familiar with this place.
We sleep early.

We are at airport

Christmas day!
We went to church to celebrate.
This is the first time ever we went to church after 2 years. The feeling is overwhelming and feel so weird.
But, I love the feeling.

Sunday service.
My husband playing keyboard after 2 years during the service. Its very hot day! Also, we went to visit my husband's grandmother and grandfather or Sibal's great grandmother and grandfather. He was so scared but kena bagi makan biskut terus okay haha

Majlis kesyukuran at my in law house. And, our former babysitter come to and Karl still remember her but crying when they going back. huhu

Tenom to Kota Kinabalu.
Kota kinabalu to Miri, Sarawak.
Miri to Bintulu
We stayed at Bintulu because already dark and we are so tired. We stayed at Family Inn Bintulu, not bad o.

This are our Christmas holiday. We didn't do much because we had a very short time at my husband's hometown and mine too. Seems like we need to plan properly our holiday at kampung after this.

You can watch our Christmas mini VLOG on our Youtube channel too. We will release it soon. Stay tune ya.

Next, I will share our New Year 2022! 

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