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How to leaving your toddler with babysitter for the first time

26 January 2022


Its been 2 weeks we sent our son to our new babysitter aka my uncle's wife. I feel relieved when they accepted him. I can't imagine sending him with other than family or somebody that I don't know.

Leaving your baby with someone else can be nerve wracking. Its not because we don't trust that person but its not just you and I'm afraid my baby is too hard to handle.
So, here are few tips to ease your nerves.

Talk about it with your toddler
This tips I got from government nurse I met during my early day as a mom. Maybe she realized that we always having a hard time whenever we went for checkup at clinic. So, she told me " Whenever you bring your baby anywhere, always talk to him/her about it earlier.". Maybe you thought your baby/toddler won't understand but from my own experience, its really work!
Example : Whenever we will go for check up, I will tell my son " Tomorrow we will go to clinic for Sibal get injection from nurse ya! Don't worry, it will hurt a bit but that will good for you.".

Do trial run
I don't manage to do trial run for my new babysitter but I'm glad our new babysitter able to handle and care for my son even his first day with them. I am so GRATEFUL! 
If you have time or please make time to do trial run. If you don't understand what is trial run, its you leave your baby with your babysitter during weekend/you take off day to practice it.

Get organized
The night before we send our son to our new babysitter, I feel emotional. I packed his things like clothes, pampers, formula milk and etc. I feel like I'm sending my son to school. For me now, for my son things, I always have double of it. 

When I type work relax, I laughed at myself. 
To be honest, I am not relax when the first time I leaving my son with babysitter. Not even after one hour, I already wanted to go see my son hahaha. But, my friend and husband said, no need later he crying again.

Hired babysitter that you know
I never had experience sending my baby to babysitter before because we had our lived in babysitter since my baby 2 months old until December 2021. Its so hard to find babysitter nowadays, there a lot of bad news about babysitter and I feel so scared. So, that's why I always go for babysitter that I know. If possible, you must hired babysitter that you know.

I hope these tips helping you on journey leaving your toddler with babysitter for the first time.
If you have any comment or question, you can comment below.


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