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My 2022 Goals

13 January 2022


Last year, I didn't write any goals I want to achieve on my blog. I just try to remember it on my head but by end of 2021, I couldn't even remember it. I feel bad because I can't do reflection when 2022 come. So, this year I will write it here so I can come back to it early 2023 and do reflections.

By end of 2022, I will achieve,


Lose my big belly

Grow my hair, no more cut short

Take care of myself more


Stronger emotionally

More confident than last year

Worry less, pray more

Be more brave to face anything in my life.

No more dwell in my negative thoughts

Be positive always


Active side income ( Unit Trust, Gift Box, YouTube, Blog and 7AM reseller)

Consistently track my spending

Pay off my bad debts

No longer use credit card

Give more


Remember to wish my family member happy birthday

Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary somewhere nice

More focus on my baby development

Call my parent once a week

Be more patience and less ego

Work hakiki

Always do my best

Do beyond expectation

More confident with my knowledge

Side hustles 

I will do my best on my side hustle this year. I want to earn income more on side hustle so I can quit my work hakiki. Because I want freedom!

Unit Trust Consultant

- Target sales this year RM1 Million

- Move to next level by this year

- Teachable

- Consistent

- Never give up

- Recruit 5 new members

7AM reseller

- Target sales RM700

- Consistent

Personalized Gift Box Biz

- Plan ahead the content

- Market more

- Consistent


- Write more on my blog

- Learn and apply SEO on my blog


- Target subs 1000

- Upload every week

- Earn from Youtube start this year.

Material in our house

Meja Ikea diluar rumah

Tambah rack Ikea dirumah

Throw/donate/sell my unused stuffs

This is what I want to achieve by end of 2022!

Yang berkomitment,


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