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Our 2022 New Year Nightmare that really challenge our parenthood

01 January 2022

Being a parent is not an easy thing but it's feel good. I don't know how to describe it.
When you make a decision to get married, you also supposed to be ready to be a parent. 

I know, some of the couples is is choosing to be childless and I totally respect that decision because the one that being parent is you. But, as a typical Asian person, I think everyone wants to be a parent or fancy the word " want to have a kid" after getting married.

As for us, we are so blessed because after 1 month getting married, we are expecting and after 9 months, we finally have our first child together. It's the best thing ever happened to me. 

But, the behind the scenes being a parent, no one tells me about it. Everyone show the good side of being a parent but as I recalled, no one really told me the another side. But nevermind... not everything kena bgtau kan?

We start our year 2022 with BANG!
I mean, we had a new year nightmare, it's not happening during the night but the early day of new year. I've been avoiding to recalled and write the story on my blog because when I think about it, I feel so scared but now, I had a different perspective, God is always God and God will never leave us in any situation.
Without further due, here is our new year 2022 nightmare story.

01.01.2022, 5.30am(Approx)
I wake up early because I need to pack our things. We will go back to KL at 4.30pm today. At the same time, my stomach feel so painful. I went to toilet many times already.

01.01.2022, 6.30am (Approx)
I make a susu for my son and wished him "Happy New Year, Anak!", he grabbed the botol susu and drink it. I kissed his forehead and went to kitchen to eat breakfast with family.

01.01.2022, 7am ( Approx)
My stomach getting so painful and supposedly we are leaving 8am. But I told my brother, maybe we leaving a bit late because my stomach feel so painful. Around this time, my sister went near my son and jokingly said " tak payah balik lah Sibal, just stay at kampung with Oko ( Datuk & Nenek). My sister said " he sleep so deeply and you guys want to leave already" pity him. 

On 1.1.22, 8.30am ( Aprrox)
Around this time, my husband want to wake our son but suddenly, he told me, kenapa Sibal ni? I looked at him and my son, our son is kejang and he closed his eyes.
Oh my God!!
I called my mom and sister.
We are panicking...
Don't know what to do...
So, we went to our neighbour' house...
Some of them had experience handling this kind of situation.
We quickly prayed for him and I looked at my son because my sister hold him, I am too weak to hold him.
I look at my son, he looked so pale and a bit blue!
I already started overthinking and start to feel like I want to faint. We bring our son to our tukang pemo (I don't know the word in English/Malay)the  and he told us, he seems dehydrated and please quickly bring him to clinic.
 The nearest clinic is 3 hours from our home and nearest hospital is 6 hours. I feel so nervous a long the way to nearest clinic.

01.01.2022,9am (Approx)
I don't remember exactly the time but we rushing go to the nearest clinic.
My aunt is working there so I called her beforehand just in case the clinic is closed because its public holiday after all.
Along the way, I keep pray and lap my son. He is not wake up, he just mamai. Thinking of that now, I really feel scared but my only hope is God!an 

01.01.2022, 11am ( Approx)
After travel 3 hours +, we arrived at Klinik Asap. Directly bring our son to emergency.
Again, our son kejang, not just one time but two times. But, we are at clinic so I feel a bit relief. But seeing my son kejang is worst thing I ever see.

01.01.2022, 2pm ( Approx)
My son will be transfer to Hospital Bintulu. It will took 3 hours to go there. I feel the journey too long. My husband and my son using ambulance and as for me, I travelled with my family. I feel so sesak di dada during this time. I can't believe whats happening... I really try to be strongest mom this time.

01.01.2022, 5pm (Approx)
We arrived at Hospital Bintulu.
We missed our flight but I can't stop thinking of my son. He admitted to Paedatric hospital. Due to SOP, just one person can teman my son and again, this is so much painful and discomfort to me.
I went back to my sister's home with heavy heart and keep praying that God will take care of my son and husband.

We separated by this door.

My heart feel so heartbroken when my son can't walk properly this time. Its the effect of the medicine the doc given to him.

Due to SOP, only one can teman our son and its so heartbreaking!!

Hanya mampu tengok dari luar.

After almost a week, our son finally discharged. But, we need to do follow up at KL.

My son with his wonderful aunty.

We are finally back to KL.
We going back with heavy heart.

We arrived at KLIA2. Thanks to God.

I am stronger women!!

We had such a nightmare new year but we believe that God will be with us this year.
Thank you for reading until the end.

Stay tune for next post.

What happened to my son?
I want to write here but its too long already...

See ya!

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