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Our son made it! | First week with new babysitter

21 January 2022


Finally its Friday!!! Yeahh!

That's mean MY SON MADE IT! We have been sent him to our new babysitter's place since Monday. Haleluyah!

1st time separate with him. Just after 1 hour, I already want to go see him again... adoi!
I'm really worry about him.
At the end of the day, when I went to bring him back, he is so happy. The feeling is so good!

It's Public Holiday so I sent him a bit late. Its supposed to be we must go out around 6.30am.
Again, he was crying when I say bye bye but I need to be strong. I sent him even in Public Holiday because I want him to really get familiarize.

We need to wake up very early because we want to beat traffic jammed. This is our challenges every morning now. But, its okay, new year new challenges! Go go!

We wake up super early today. We want to reach earlier so when we continue to go to work, we can made it! 

It's finally I can say " MY SON MADE IT". 
Puji Tuhan!!

Next post, I will share the tips leave your kids with babysitter for the first time. It's from my very own experience.

See you next post!

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