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Tips flying with toddler

07 January 2022


Hello mama!

I recently bring my son back to our hometown for the first time ever. 

Travelling or flying with toddler is not that easy. You need to do your own research and pray that it will work. From my experience, I do a lot of reading before we fly from KL to KK for Christmas holiday. Since this is the first time my son will flying, I was feel so anxious. I'm afraid he will "mad" kid during flying time. 

So, here are some tips flying with toddler based on my own recent experience.

#1. Bring snacks

To be specific, bring your toddler favorite snacks that he will never resist.

For mine, I bring lollipop and keropok. I feel guilty about this but I want to make him comfortable and happy during flying time.

#2. Packing in sleeping aid

I totally forgot to bring travel pillow. My husband just dukung him for whole time. I feel bad. So, please bring travel pillow and comfortable jacket for your toddler. He will sleep soundly.

#3. Plan for activities

Your toddler won't sleep the entire flight especially long flight. The longest flight we bring our son was 2 hours and thanks God, he sleep until arrival so he won't need any activities after he wake up.

#4. Change diapers before fly

No matter what, don't forget do this. You can change diapers in the toilet, but that will be very uncomfortable so to avoid that, change diapers before fly.

I hope these tips help your upcoming flight with your toddler.

If you have more tips, you can share with me by comment below or reply my stories.

Thank you for reading!

Happy New Year 2022!

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