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Senarai benda yang anda perlu sediakan untuk menghadapi COVID-19

Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, keadaan COVID-19 di negara kita semakin hari semakin membimbangkan. Tetapi harap semua bertenang terutamanya kepada yang telah mendapat vaksin dos 1, 2 dan pengalak. Kita tidak boleh "lari" dari virus ini kerana virus ini ada dalam komuniti kita.

Setelah "selamat" dari virus ini, kami mendapat jangkitan virus ini dari kontak rapat keluarga babysitter kami. Anak mereka pergi sekolah dan seperti kita sedia maklum, kanak-kanak mungkin kurang faham mengenai SOP dan saya faham mengenai itu. Perkara ini kita tidak boleh kawal.

Jadi, apa yang kita boleh lakukan adalah sediakan benda yang perlu untuk menghadapi COVID-19 atau apa-apa penyakit ringan dalam rumah.

Saya akan sediakan 2 kategori, iaitu,

Kategori 1 : Alatan

1. Thermometer - Untuk cek suhu badan.

2. Oxymeter - Untuk check kadar oksigen dalam badan

Kami tidak ada alatan ini kerana harga agak mahal. Jadi, eloklah bersedia dari awal untuk membeli alat ini.

3. Omron Blood pressure - Monitor tekanan darah.

Kami tidak ada alatan ini kerana harga agak mahal. Jadi, eloklah bersedia dari awal untuk membeli alat ini.

Kategori 2: Ubat-ubatan

1. Active fast/ paracetamol- Untuk gejala demam dan sakit kepala.

2. Ubat batuk - Untuk gejala batuk dan sakit tekak.

3. Vitamin C - Untuk meningkatkan immune badan.

4. Ubat Selsema - Untuk gejala selsema/runny noise.

5. Kool fever - Untuk demam dan sakit kepala.

6. COVID-19 self test kit - Untuk memastikan anda positive atau negative COVID-19.

7. Yoko Yoko - Saya rasa ini perlu, just in case anda akan rasa sengal-sengal badan.

8. Plaster/Koyok - Saya rasa ini perlu, just in case anda akan rasa sengal-sengal badan.

9. Minyak kayu putih - Untuk melegakan hidung tersumbat.

Here are the checklist:
Kategori Alatan:
1. Thermometer
2. Oxymeter
3. Omron Blood pressure monitor

Kategori 2: Ubat-ubatan
1. Activefast/paracetamol
2. Ubat batuk
3. Vitamin C
4. Ubat selsema
5. Yoko-Yoko
6. Plaster/Koyok
7. COVID -19 self test kit
8. Minyak kayu putih
9. Koolfever

Here is our first aid box.
The bigger one is for adult and small one is for our baby.
I will share senarai benda yang perlu disediakan untuk menghadapi COVID-19 ( Baby version) on next post.

I hope this post will inspire you to prepare your first aid box at home.
Its very important!


What had happened to our son?

This is a follow-up post.

I've shared it about our New Year 2022 Nightmare. You can read here.

But, I didn't really share what is happened to our son?

In this post, I will share about it.

On 1.1.2022, our son kejang 3 times. You can read the story here. 

After being diagnosed by the doctor at Hospital Bintulu, the doctor told us that our son's dengue has been activated back. Yes, our son has a history of dengue fever in August 2021. So, I totally understand that.

Then, after a  few days at Hospital Bintulu, the doctor diagnosed him, a suspected seizure (sawan). When I heard this, I feel my world is crumbled down. I feel lost. Why? because I just can't imagine my son will live with that sickness. He will need to have so many precautions in his life due to this. I feel so unfair and I feel despair. I feel so angry at God. But, who am I do feel that way, right?

After that, the doctor find it weird that my son got a seizure without any symptoms. Yes, he doesn't have any symptoms at all the day or night before. Everything is just normal.

Due to this, the doctor asked us to follow up to do an EEG test.

What is EEG test?

EEG = Electroencephalogram

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a non-invasive test that records electrical activity in the brain. It works by picking up abnormal brain waves via electrodes that are attached to the scalp. EEGs are usually done to detect seizures and to diagnose epilepsy, but they can be used to evaluate or diagnose other conditions, such as sleep disorders or brain injuries. [1]

After getting an appointment at Hospital Tunku Azizah, Kuala Lumpur, we went to do the EEG test. I did some research or read about the EEG test to get some idea about it. But, I never really see how it will be done.

Here is us waiting for our turn to do the test.

The result of the EEG test is not what I expected. 

The doctor informed me that there's an abnormal at my son's belakang otak kanan but they are not sure what is that. 

So, they need to do an MRI scan to check that.

I feel so weak when I heard this. I was totally silent and my throat feel so dry and unable to breathe properly.

But, I believe in God.

Oh, God! Please heal my son!

As of now, our son is doing well.
But, the doctor did inform us that, our son kan kena sawan anytime especially whenever he get sick so need to monitor him closely.
Also, need to prepare the medicine at his babysitter's place and bring it everywhere we go.
Now, our son eats medicine every day and next week need to increase the frequency, 2 times a day.
We will start to visit hospitals start from April, May and July 2022.

Please bring our child in your prayers and God will ease everything.
We believe in miracles!
God will heal my son!


[1] https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-is-an-eeg-test-and-what-is-it-used-for-3014879


The honest and supportive advice for new parents


Being a parent for the first time is not easy. 

It took time, hard work and persistence to go through all challenges and unexpected events.

We became a parent in July 2020. The first day was so exciting but the following days a challenging. When I write on my blog, I never sugar cot what I write so you feel good when read it. I am being really honest here.

So, here are my honest and supportive advice for new parents.

Nobody truly prepared to be a parent.

When you decided to get married and that's naturally you agreed to be a parent someday. 

For us, we want to be parents as early as we can. Thank God, that come true as I'm pregnant after one month married. During my pregnancy, I get ready to be a parent. I read a lot of books, articles and talk about them with my friends that already married. Most of my friends told me it's not easy but I feel that I will be able to manage. 

But, when come to it, there's one point, you will start to feel like you are not prepared to be a parent. Remember that nobody is truly prepared to be a parent. What most important is you go with the flow and enjoy the stage/season of your life.

Everyone has figured things out

No new parent become an expert when they become a parent. Everything need to figure out, don't feel stupid for not knowing that and this, everyone has experienced that moment. What most important is you are ready to learn and unlearn many new things.

You don't have to be happy all the time

You are human after all. You did not become superhuman after you become a parent. When you feel sad, just feel sad, when you feel it's hard, just admit it's hard, just go with it.

Just the difference now is there someone that looks at you and you got to be strong for that person which is your children.

Get out of the house

Staying in the house with children can make you feel stuffy and it's not really good for your child development as well. So, get out of the house sometimes. Its make you feel good too. Ambil angin orang kata.

Learn to forgive yourself

I don't know about you, I do feel guilty after my son goes to sleep. I feel that I'm not doing my best for him, I feel I'm not entertaining him well and have many thoughts.

Learn to forgive yourself, you're not a robot after all. You are human.

It's okay to hate some of your parenthood journeys

Let be honest, no new parent enjoy their parenthood journey. There are a lot of things you need to do, figure out and at the same time, you still do what you do before you become a parent. It's okay to hate it sometimes but don't hate it too much lah. Enjoy the moment and this moment will pass someday.

Having children is tough on a marriage but its worth it.

I heard people say, " After having children, your relationship will strengthen". Sometimes I agreed and sometimes I feel it's not like that. 

Having children is tough on marriage but that is why you're married. Our children are a gift of our marriage so I will take care of a baby with all of my heart and also love my husband just like I did before. It's not easy but I am trying.

Your children will be always your top priority

It's no longer about you and you only. Especially if you're a working mom/parent, you will be always in between work and your child's health. My advice is always to choose your child first and catch up on the work after that. It will be never easy but that's life.

Today is a bad day and tomorrow will be a fresh day.

Not every day is a good day just like your life before.

Before having children, your life is also not good life all the time. The difference now is you have your children on your bad day and good day. When it's a bad day, remember tomorrow will be a fresh day.

Be patient and calm always

Nothing can beat these two combination. There will be challenges you need to face but be patient and calm always. Even the storm is getting bigger and biggest, be calm and patient.

Working together to make it easier

Being a parent is all about teamwork. Never ever do everything alone.

You have your husband so why not do everything together. The child is your responsibility. When one party slack off, voice out! Don't keep it.

It will get better 

Everything on this earth is not permanent. Not your current journey. It will be pass and it will get better.

Sleep sleep... truly sleep

After being a parent, to be honest, it's hard to sleep like you used to. For me, I need to wake up 2-3 times, it depends on my son's mood and condition. If he sick, then we can't sleep at all. When our baby is just a is newborn, we practice shift, I mean I will sleep 9pm -12am and during this time my husband will take care of our newborn. After 12am, my husband will sleep and I will take over to take care of our baby. 

Now our son is a toddler, we wake up together taking care of him. I feel its not good when just one wake up, kena dua-dua juga baru best.

If you recently become a parent, what do you think? Its helpful for you.

If you think so, you can comment or share this post.

See you on next post.


What to do when your kid hates the car seat


This month, I just experienced driving car with my son. Before this, we had tried to teach him to sit on his car seat, its work fine but we just do it once and never make him sit on his car seat because we had our babysitter or me to hold him. It's seems unnecessary that time.

After our babysitter went back home, we need to send our baby to our new babysitter which lived quite far from us.

Its definitely not easy at first. My son cried so much in the car on the first day, he start crying from Cheras to Kajang and he cried harder when traffic jammed. I feel its so hard.

I've learnt some lessons from this experience and make my experience as a tips for new parent that have kid that hate car seat.

#1: Talk to your kid about why he need to sit on the car seat

This tips really work. I constantly told my son, we will go to babysitter's house so we need to travel by car so mummy will driving. Eventually, he seems understand and know about it.

#2: Play his usual songs aka cocomelon

On first day, I gave him toys. This one is not really work for us. He still keep crying non stop especially during traffic jammed.

#3: Make sure you have enough gas

Whenever I travel with my son, I will make sure my car have enough gas. I don't want to stop at petrol station with my son inside the car. I am scared!

#4: Comfortable seat

This is important. Make sure your kid seat is comfortable. We don't really splurge on car seat, we just bought that comfortable for our son.


#5: Sing a song

I always tried to communicate with my son whenever I'm driving, I didn't look at him as I'm driving, I will just ask him " Are you okay, anak?" and sing along his favorite song/usual song.


I'm sorry, my dear son


1 February 2022, I will try my best to forget this date in my life. It's one of the darkest dates or days I have ever experienced.

The day started well. I loved watching my son sleeping and when he wakes up, I love to kiss his forehead and smell him ( I love his busuk smell). This is my routine now. This is the best of working from home.

After we had our breakfast, I decided to throw away some old clothes that I already packed the day before. It's hard to throw it but the storeroom is going to be full if I didn't throw it. So, we went to Shell petrol station, there is one big box there where we can throw our stuff there. 

After I throw 4 bags, I went to the car to get my son, we went to buy some snacks at Shell station. Everything went very well and I am so happy to see my son running around and smiling brightly because he rarely goes out so it's an exciting day for him.

I planned to bring him to the nearby park so he can run and eat snacks and I can empty my head and enjoy the first day of the long holiday.

We went back to the car...

I buckled him up and I accidentally closed the car door and the car key inside the car, behind my son's car seat. My car is an auto-lock and it happens very fast.


I'm panicking!! I called for Shell staff to help me but he don't know how to help. Then, one family approached me and they offer help!

After more than 5 minutes trying to open the car door and still can't! I asked them to break the car window because my son is crying so much already. They break the window and can open the car door and I rushingly hug him and calm him down!

I still remember vividly my son's face and his crying now. I had trouble sleeping for the past few days thinking of this event.

I am not sure how can I forget this event in my life.

Sometimes I blamed myself but that makes me feel bad every day.

So, I decided to just forget about it and be more careful next time. I can't bear to see my son's face inside the car crying...

I'm really sorry my dear son for make you experienced this.