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I'm sorry, my dear son

01 February 2022


1 February 2022, I will try my best to forget this date in my life. It's one of the darkest dates or days I have ever experienced.

The day started well. I loved watching my son sleeping and when he wakes up, I love to kiss his forehead and smell him ( I love his busuk smell). This is my routine now. This is the best of working from home.

After we had our breakfast, I decided to throw away some old clothes that I already packed the day before. It's hard to throw it but the storeroom is going to be full if I didn't throw it. So, we went to Shell petrol station, there is one big box there where we can throw our stuff there. 

After I throw 4 bags, I went to the car to get my son, we went to buy some snacks at Shell station. Everything went very well and I am so happy to see my son running around and smiling brightly because he rarely goes out so it's an exciting day for him.

I planned to bring him to the nearby park so he can run and eat snacks and I can empty my head and enjoy the first day of the long holiday.

We went back to the car...

I buckled him up and I accidentally closed the car door and the car key inside the car, behind my son's car seat. My car is an auto-lock and it happens very fast.


I'm panicking!! I called for Shell staff to help me but he don't know how to help. Then, one family approached me and they offer help!

After more than 5 minutes trying to open the car door and still can't! I asked them to break the car window because my son is crying so much already. They break the window and can open the car door and I rushingly hug him and calm him down!

I still remember vividly my son's face and his crying now. I had trouble sleeping for the past few days thinking of this event.

I am not sure how can I forget this event in my life.

Sometimes I blamed myself but that makes me feel bad every day.

So, I decided to just forget about it and be more careful next time. I can't bear to see my son's face inside the car crying...

I'm really sorry my dear son for make you experienced this.

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