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What had happened to our son?

14 February 2022

This is a follow-up post.

I've shared it about our New Year 2022 Nightmare. You can read here.

But, I didn't really share what is happened to our son?

In this post, I will share about it.

On 1.1.2022, our son kejang 3 times. You can read the story here. 

After being diagnosed by the doctor at Hospital Bintulu, the doctor told us that our son's dengue has been activated back. Yes, our son has a history of dengue fever in August 2021. So, I totally understand that.

Then, after a  few days at Hospital Bintulu, the doctor diagnosed him, a suspected seizure (sawan). When I heard this, I feel my world is crumbled down. I feel lost. Why? because I just can't imagine my son will live with that sickness. He will need to have so many precautions in his life due to this. I feel so unfair and I feel despair. I feel so angry at God. But, who am I do feel that way, right?

After that, the doctor find it weird that my son got a seizure without any symptoms. Yes, he doesn't have any symptoms at all the day or night before. Everything is just normal.

Due to this, the doctor asked us to follow up to do an EEG test.

What is EEG test?

EEG = Electroencephalogram

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a non-invasive test that records electrical activity in the brain. It works by picking up abnormal brain waves via electrodes that are attached to the scalp. EEGs are usually done to detect seizures and to diagnose epilepsy, but they can be used to evaluate or diagnose other conditions, such as sleep disorders or brain injuries. [1]

After getting an appointment at Hospital Tunku Azizah, Kuala Lumpur, we went to do the EEG test. I did some research or read about the EEG test to get some idea about it. But, I never really see how it will be done.

Here is us waiting for our turn to do the test.

The result of the EEG test is not what I expected. 

The doctor informed me that there's an abnormal at my son's belakang otak kanan but they are not sure what is that. 

So, they need to do an MRI scan to check that.

I feel so weak when I heard this. I was totally silent and my throat feel so dry and unable to breathe properly.

But, I believe in God.

Oh, God! Please heal my son!

As of now, our son is doing well.
But, the doctor did inform us that, our son kan kena sawan anytime especially whenever he get sick so need to monitor him closely.
Also, need to prepare the medicine at his babysitter's place and bring it everywhere we go.
Now, our son eats medicine every day and next week need to increase the frequency, 2 times a day.
We will start to visit hospitals start from April, May and July 2022.

Please bring our child in your prayers and God will ease everything.
We believe in miracles!
God will heal my son!



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