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What to do when your kid hates the car seat

03 February 2022


This month, I just experienced driving car with my son. Before this, we had tried to teach him to sit on his car seat, its work fine but we just do it once and never make him sit on his car seat because we had our babysitter or me to hold him. It's seems unnecessary that time.

After our babysitter went back home, we need to send our baby to our new babysitter which lived quite far from us.

Its definitely not easy at first. My son cried so much in the car on the first day, he start crying from Cheras to Kajang and he cried harder when traffic jammed. I feel its so hard.

I've learnt some lessons from this experience and make my experience as a tips for new parent that have kid that hate car seat.

#1: Talk to your kid about why he need to sit on the car seat

This tips really work. I constantly told my son, we will go to babysitter's house so we need to travel by car so mummy will driving. Eventually, he seems understand and know about it.

#2: Play his usual songs aka cocomelon

On first day, I gave him toys. This one is not really work for us. He still keep crying non stop especially during traffic jammed.

#3: Make sure you have enough gas

Whenever I travel with my son, I will make sure my car have enough gas. I don't want to stop at petrol station with my son inside the car. I am scared!

#4: Comfortable seat

This is important. Make sure your kid seat is comfortable. We don't really splurge on car seat, we just bought that comfortable for our son.


#5: Sing a song

I always tried to communicate with my son whenever I'm driving, I didn't look at him as I'm driving, I will just ask him " Are you okay, anak?" and sing along his favorite song/usual song.

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