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It's been almost 5 years since I bought my first house/my current house.
I bought it back in 2017 and moved in 2018. For me, it's a bittersweet journey. 
Actually, this post has been on my draft for very long time, I feel not confident to share about it because I realized there  so many things that I'm lacking when I bought this first house. I can say, I just bought the house like I bought my own clothes, its easy and quick decisions. But very expensive one!😄
The young me must be crazy! But, I did it anyway.

But, after my friend, Fathinah said, she want to read my experience, I think it's time to share about it so maybe someone could learn something from my journey.

Without further due, let's start!

Pre buying house
I always wanted to owned my own house someday. This is one of the biggest dream in my life. I come from kampung and my dream to owned my own house in the city! I wanted to stayed in the city because I wanted to be city girl ( the young me must be short minded)😆
Now, as I getting older, I always wanted to go back to kampung hahaha

I started working as Quality Assurance Engineer back in Oct 2011  at a Japanese company. I'm so grateful for this job because this job makes me able to earn money and save money for my dream.
My dream in the early day as working woman was I want to buy my own house before I'm 30 years old and travel to many places.
In order to make this dreams come true, I surely need to save money but at the same time, I don't want to restrict myself from enjoying my youth life as well.
So, I took ASB loan and pay monthly for it for 5 years. I paid a big amount every month but I really wanted to make my dream come true! So, I don't really mind.

Lesson learned here:
- Save money as soon as you start working.
- As you save money, don't forget to enjoy your youth life as well.
- When you want to save money, don't just save in one platform like ASB, please diversify to other platform as well like Unit Trust.

Buying the house
After 5 years and  I completed paying my ASB loan, I finally had the money to buy the house, the deposit money I mean. 
Next step was I did a little survey with my friend, Marina where to buy a house. This one, I am really not an expert and I remember, I didn't do much survey actually.
My criterias are,
- Easy public transportations
- Nearby school and hospital
- Nearby supermarket and pasar
- Easy access to highway to city center

Then, after survey little bit, I go shortcut by asking my former colleague, Tan whether he know is there any new housing area that under development or almost complete development? So, this time, my former colleague told me about my house area so I decided to go look at it and I fall in love!!
Not waiting too long, I went to book my unit with my friend, Marina! I feel so crazy this time! Senang senang pergi booking!! Hahaha. I booked my unit with RM1000.Also, my former colleague/friend, Tan also introduced me to his property agent. This agent will help me on my buying an house process. She is the one that managed everything. 
I remember that, my loan application is almost disapproved, I don't remember the reason already. That time, I feel relieved and at the same time I feel so sad!
But, the next day, suddenly my agent informed that my loan was actually approved...hahah.
So, it's really come true!
For Sarawakian like me, it's not easy to decide to buy a house here. I was in dilemma but finally, I come to decision that I bought this house here because I know, someday some of my nephews or nieces will come to Semenanjung Malaysia to continue their study or some of our family will come to Semenanjung to attend any events or go to hospital for treatment, I want my family able to feel home here too.
After all documents has been finalized, I finally realized that, I am really an adult now and my dream is come true, really come true!! I feel funny when thinking about my signature, my signature finally become so expensive and important now.😆

Lesson learned:
- Survey the house you wanted as much as you can.
- Buy house at the area that have public transportion, nearby hospital,school and easy access to other area.
- Buy the house that "spark the joy" haha

Post buying house
After buying the house, I feel so empty! Meaning, my bank account is empty! haha. I did have money for eat and drink la but this is the first time ever my money gone like that in big amount. But I never feel regret, I finally make my own dream come true! The first steps was done!
After I settled all official documents, I didn't get the house key right way, I need to wait for developers to obtained the I don't remember...😅
After few months, I finally got the house keys.
I still remember, I sempat feel so scared when my agent told me that there will be delay in keys handover and this scared me because I remember watched in the news some people didn't get their house keys but they still need to pay to the bank. I worried about this!
So, I did go to my house area and pray for my house. 
Fun fact, I am the first one moved in after got the keys because I want to save my money from paying rental as this time, I already start paying for the house.
During my moved in, I didn't have many...

Lesson learned here
- Prepare and plan well for your financial.
- Already had plan how your house going to be look like.

From my own experience, it's not easy to decide to buy house because its big commitment but at the same time, you also want to achieve something in your life. My advise is follow your heart and mind! Don't forget to asked second opinion as well. 

Buying my first house journey


Hi my dear friends
I want to introduce my sister's family homestay. It's so beautiful.
My family and I stayed at this homestay during our Christmas holiday in 2021 and it's an amazing experience.I really love the view, its green and fresh air in the morning.

This homestay has 2 rooms

Each room has its own toilet.

How to reach here?

You can go here from Bintulu or Miri.
If you need any transportation from Bintulu or Miri and also the details of this homestay , you can contact my sister, Achel ( whatsapp no +60 19-824 6109)

Homestay business


I always love to read books.

I believe that by reading books, I can expand or gain my knowledge. I know, there are many mediums to expand and gain knowledge now like you can watch youtube, online classes but I still believe and go for reading books. Go for what is work for you ya.

But, after I became a mom in 2020, I slow down a bit my reading because I need to take care of our baby and I always feel sleepy. Last year, I'm busy with my new job and new challenges so I didn't read that much. 

This year, I determined to read 12 books and more because I feel good whenever I finish reading books and I learned something from the books. I bought some new books and I re-read my old books too. Its feel refreshing.

You may be curious, when did I read my books?

Usually, I will read my books after my son goes to sleep. My son will sleep maybe around 10pm -11pm so I will stay up until 12am is just to read my books and I love this routine now.

Without further due, here are my list of awesome books working mom( mom to be) should read. 

1. Working parents - Taking care of Yourself

Read this if 

You just become a parent and you feel like there no rest or your life is changing so much after having a child.

Why I love it 

I love this book because its gave me an idea that what I'm going through now is not only me but every first time parent and good thing is I got to learn from other experience from this book especially about self care. I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my son and my family well.

Where can you get it?

I got mine by buy it online



2. Mindset

Read this if 

You want to have a change in the way you think to fulfil your potential. 

Why I love it 

Its not just about your potential but your children as well and even relationship so its really recommend for your mind.

Where can you get it?

MPH Bookstore ( Shopee)



4. Problem-Solving 101

Read this if 

You want to know how its really to become problem solver in your own life.

Why I love it

I've been read this book countless time and its really help me become a better problem solving person, not perfect but I know how to handle my problem well.

Where can you get it?

Major bookstore


I don't remember the price already, its been too long.

5. What's my child thinking?

Read this if 

Your child become a toddler. Having a toddler is fun and confused at the same time. He can't talk properly yet but he want to communicate with you. It's so frustrated when we in this stage. If you want to understand your toddler, you should read this book, its really helpful.

Why I love it 

Personally, I want to be "good enough" parent and I want to give the best for my son. Sometimes I yell at my son when he climb dangerously and I feel like that approach is not so good so that why I decided to get this book to make myself understand whats my son thinking and how can I respond to that.

Where can you get it?

Major bookstore ( I got mine at Popular Bookstore)


RM79.90 ( with 10% members discount)

6. What to eat when you're expecting

Read this if 

First time pregnant and you have no idea what to eat or do during your pregnancy.

Why I love it 

To be really honest, I always fall asleep whenever I read this book during my pregnancy hahaha. So, I recommend read it before you getting pregnant.

Where can you get it?

This book is given to me by my former colleague, Ying Ying.


I'm not sure...

I hope by sharing these awesome books you will start to read and enjoy reading.

What books that you recommend to read for working mom or mom to be?

Share yours in comment.

Don't forget to come back for next post as I will share where to buy books in cheaper price in Malaysia.

Stay tuned.

It's Monday and I know you need positive vibes to feel excited about the day especially for working moms.

Working moms have a lot on their plates.

They work two jobs ( as wife and worker), sometimes concurrently. Its a lot to handle.

If you're feeling stress from juggling work and family, you can always come consult these encouraging quotes from other women who have navigated ( and still navigating) the working mom struggle.

- Katie Couric, TV personality, journalist and author

—Candace Alnaji, attorney and founder of The Mom at Law

—Michelle Obama, lawyer, author, and former First Lady of the United States

—Arianna Huffington, author, cofounder of The Huffington Post, founder and CEO of Thrive Global

—Sara Blakely, businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Spanx

—Jane Seymour, actress

I hope all these encouraging quotes will motivate you and let's do our best as working mom.

Happy working! 💜

6 encouraging quotes for working moms


Hello there,

Before we get the positive covid-19, we usually went to park at Putrajaya. 

This time, we went to Taman Saujana Hijau. Last time we did come here but that time my son still small, cannot walk.

Now, he can walk and I am so happy to see him walking and be happy!!

Enjoy our weekly outing video.

About this park,

Name: Taman Saujana Hijau

Admission Fee: FREE

My rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you love green view and a bit hill, you can come here. Its good place to visit with family.

For more, you can check out here -->

Saya ni memang pengemar sambal.

Sambal yang paling saya suka adalah sambal isteri abang Hafiz ( bekas rakan sekerja saya dulu) dan Lia Akaw by Laan, fuhh! Memang favorite!!!! Tak boleh lupa rasa sambal diorg ni.

Tetapi kali ni, saya nak cuba sesuatu yang orang selalu perkatakan iaitu Sambal Nyet by Khairulaming.

Anda pernah dengar tak Sambal Nyet?

Berkenalan dengan Sambal Nyet dulu lah.

I heard of this because its VIRAL one time, I don't remember when.

Sambal Nyet ini adalah sambal keluaran Malaysian Instafamous Chef, Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman atau lebih dikenali Khairulaming. 

Saya start kenal dan follow instafamous chef ni di Instagram sebab dia masak sedap jer, simple dan semua bahan-bahan sebenarnya saya sudah ada.

Okay berbalik pada Sambal Nyet tadi, sambal ni begitu viral sampai terjual lebih RM1 Juta dalam online shop ( dalam masa tiga bulan, hebat kan?

Based on my research and reading, Khairulaming ni bekerja keras untuk increase production rate, ye lah permintaan tinggi so kena lah memuhi demand pelanggan kan? Pada masa sama, beliau memastikan quality of the product! 

Quality memang penting taw!

Saya yang bekerja dalam bidang quality ni memang faham sangat dah benda2 macam ni.

Selain itu, customer service juga penting. Yelah memang akan ada issue atau apa2 permintaan dari customer so mesti ada customer service yang baik juga.

Bila baca mengenai sambal nyet ni, saya rasa nak try!

Jadi, saya beli di Shopee. 

Disini saya ingin kongsikan saya punya review.

My review

Shipping cepat tak?

Saya tinggal di Selangor so saya boleh katakan shipping cepat giler. Saya beli semalam, dapat hari ini. Giler cepat! Product ni dari Kelantan. So, memang cepat lah!

Macam mana 1st impression dgn sambal ini?

First saya terima bungkusan, saya berpuas hati dengan bungkusan. Tebal dia punya bubble wrap and tak tertumpah sambal. Good one!

Lepas tu, saya bukak dan semua dalam keadaan yang baik. Bersih saja.

Macam mana rasa sambal ini?

Bagi saya, sambal ini terlalu pedas dan manis bagi saya. Saya boleh makan tetapi bagi saya terlalu pedas dan manis. Saya agak kurang suka kalau sambal terlalu pedas dan manis, yelah tekak orang Sarawak. Maybe tekak orang Semananjung berbeza kali. Lain orang lain pedasnya.

Apa kelebihan sambal ini?

Bagi saya, kelebihan sambal ini adalah packaging dia, memang selamat dan simple saja.

Dari segi rasa, siapa suka pedas sangat, memang ngam lah!

Boleh makan terusss

Tak perlu simpan dalam peti sejuk tapi pastikan guna sudu yang bersih.

Apa kekurangan sambal ini?

Secara peribadi/ikut tekak saya, terlalu pedas dan manis sangat! Yang lain-lain saya okay. 

Tak boleh makan dengan bread Gardenia. Bagi saya, kalo sambal tu boleh makan dengan bread, ngam la tu dengan saya.

Berapa harganya?


Termasuk shipping Semenanjung : RM18.40 

Beli dimana?

Saya beli di



Food Review: Sambal Nyet by Khairulaming


I guess you are familiar with this already, right?

Whenever we need to go especially gathering with friends or family, it's recommended to do a self-test and make sure you are negative. There are so many brands and types of self-test kits in the market now.

So far, I've tried 4 covid-19 rapid self-test kits and I will share my review on each of them and which one is the easiest to use. Please read until the end.

1. Gmate Covid-19 Ag Saliva Self test

Price: RM17.90
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Major pharmacy ( I bought at NEXT Pharmacy)

My review:
For me, this is the easiest to use.  Also, the most hygienic I feel so far and according to the pharmacist, the percentage to detect you have a covid-19 virus is high. So, they recommend this. But, it's pricey as you can see
If you don't mind spending money on a test kit, then you can go for this. 

Recommended rating: ⭐⭐

2. All test Covid-19 Antigen 

Price: RM9+
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Major pharmacies

My review:
This is my second easiest to use and affordable too. The level of hygiene is also good.
I prefer this one if can but it's always sold out.

Recommended rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. NEWGENE Bioengineering 

Price: RM19.90
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Grab Pharmacy ( I bought mine using Grab because I need it urgently). Not recommend to buy via Grab, very expensive.

My review:
I don't really like this because I need to put my saliva dekat that bekas kertas. I feel I want to vomit when I do my self test using this. I prefer plastic than kertas, I feel so geli. I don't know about you.
And, this self test kit come with option whether you want to do self test using your saliva or cucuk hidung. Of course for me, I will never cucuk my own hidung... thinking of it I already feel so geli.

Recommended rating: ⭐

4.  Whistling test 2019-nCoV Saliva Ag EASY test

Price: RM19.90
Waiting time: I don't know
Available at: Some pharmacy ( I bought myself using Grab)

My review:
I bought this for my son but he doesn't know how to use it and it's hard to ask him to use it. So, I tried using it. For me, this brand is really disappointing because there are no instructions. So, I'm not sure how am I supposed to use it and how long to wait. I don't recommend this brand. This one so cikai and I don't feel confident to test using this.
I recommend you find another brand, not this brand.

Recommended rating: ⭐

My verdict
The easiest and recommend self-test, it's kit goes to no.2. Its easy to use and affordable too. But, this is my personal opinion and based on my experience.

I hope this post will useful for you and if you feel so, please do share it with your friend and family.

For more about how to do self test COVID-19 in Malaysia, please visit

Setelah hampir 2 tahun kami selamat dari virus covid-19, akhirnya kami sekeluarga kecundang di tahun February 2022 ini. Kami kena positif COVID-19!

Kami kena ni sebab kami kontak rapat yang positif COVID-19. Tetapi benda ni memang susah mau kawal suda. Jadi bertabahlah.

Seperti yang semua tahu, sebelum 1 Mac 2022, sesiapa yang kontak rapat dengan yang positif covid-19 dan bergejala juga kena home isolation, jadi kamilah yang kena ni.

Tahun 2022 ini memang agak mencabar bagi keluarga kami dan saya rasa setiap bulan kami menghadapi cabaran besar dan kami harus kuat menghadapinya.

Disini saya kongsikan pengalaman kami sekeluarga kena positif COVID-19 dan saya selitkan apa yang perlu dilakukan juga semasa dalam proses pemulihan/sembuh dari covid-19 ini.

Note: Maybe pengalaman covid fighter yang lain berbeza so ini pengalaman saya dan keluarga.

18 Feb 2022( Friday)

Saya hantar anak saya ke tempat babysitter seperti biasa.

Babysitter bgtau anak dia selsema jadi tak pegi sekolah. Time tu, saya tidak terfikir pula dia ada symptom covid dan sebab sudah disana, saya tinggalkan sajalah anak dengan babysitter.

Setelah habis kerja pada petang Jumaat, saya ambil Karl macam biasa dan babysitter bagitau yang anak dia sudah demam dan saya tny sda test covid ka? belum lagi. Jadi saya minta diaorang buat test covid sebab sudah demam.

Selepas itu, saya monitor keadaan anak saya dan  anak saya masih okay dan tak ada apa2 symptom.

19 Feb 2022( Saturday)

Pada hari Sabtu, saya mendapat info yang keluarga babysitter kami sudah check and positive. Saya masa ini dah cuak dan berdoa kepada Tuhan minta dijauhkan sebab kami dua anak saya adalah contact rapat. 

Saya monitor anak saya masih lagi dlm keadaan baik dan active. Jadi kami tak pergi buat test covid sbb tak ada symptom.

20 Feb 2022( Sunday)

Sebelum tengahari ahad, anak saya nampak lemah dan mula tak active, saya check suhu dia 36.8( agak tinggi) saya risau sudah dan masa ni, dia awal "napping" jadi saya tau dia sda ada symptom ni.

Jadi petang kami bawa dia buat RTK test di clinic dan malam ahad kami dapat result, anak kami positive covid 19.

Apabila anak kami positive, saya dan suami pun buat self test dirumah dan kami negative.

Jadi malam ni lah yg agak susah, anak menangis saja. Demam dan selsema atau maybe gatal-gatal tekak dia...

Tapi syukur kami "survived" juga malam pertama bersama covid-19.

Jangan tunggu lama-lama untuk buat test.

Bawa bertenang apabila dapat result positif.

21 Feb 2022( Monday)

Pagi Isnin, saya rasa lain macam, saya sakit tekak yang teramat.Jadi saya buat self test tapi negative. Apabila nak tengahari, saya suda start mild fever and batuk- batuk dan sakit kepala, so kuatkan diri pegi buat drive through RTK.

Pada sebelah petang, saya dapat result test dan sedih saya tengok result dia iaitu positive. Memang sangat pantas virus ni merebak tau.

Badan suda jadi lemah suda time ni. Tapi kena kuatkan diri sebab nak jaga anak dan jaga diri.

Time ni husband masih negative dan dialah tolong benda-benda di dapur dan dia tak bole juga dekat-dekat dengan kami dua tapi anak kami selalu merengek nak dengan husband. Mencabar betul home isolation ni.

Pastikan anda boleh dihubungi

Lakukan HAT ( Health Assesment) setiap hari.

22 Feb 2022 ( Tuesday)

Hari selesa, keadaan anak saya agak "peak", setiap jam kena monitor suhu dia sebab saya takut dia sawan. Sambil monitor, bagi ubat demam, ubat batuk dan vitamin C accordingly lah.Kalo dia demam, kami bagi 4 jam sekali dan kalo dia macam mild demam dia, kami bagi 6 jam sekali.

Memang sangat-sangat mencabar menjaga baby yang kena covid ni dan pada masa sama, saya pun kena. Badan saya rasa lesu sangat tetapi seperti yang kita tau, kalo ibu sakit, mana boleh sakit. Kena kuatkan diri untuk jaga diri dan keluarga.

Makan ubat-ubatan dan jangan lupa makan

Minum banyak air

Kuatkan semangat

23 Feb 2022( Wednesday)

Hari rabu ni, syukur demam anak suda start berkurangan tetapi masih lagi monitor closely. I is takut tetiba mencanak dia punya suhu.

Pada hari ni juga, husband saya pula demam dan bila test, dia positive pula. Waduhhh...gawat!! 

Saya masih rasa lesu, batuk teruk, selsema tapi x demam suda hari ini. Memang mencabar betul.

24 Feb 2022( Thursday)

Pagi Khamis, saya rasa okay sikit tapi ada selsema dan batuk-batuk yang agak teruk juga. Tak selesa betul rasa asyik batuk dan hidung "meleleh" saja aishhh.. Keadaan memang agak susah. Memasak pun pakai mask..

Anak saya pula, syukur dia suda tak demam tapi batuk yang berkahak adeii. Tak tau la macam mana nak keluarkan kahak dia.

My husband pun getting better this day tapi batuk dia pun agak teruk huhu so kami kehabisan ubat batuk so kena beli melalui Grab. Memang agak mahal tetapi apa boleh buat. Tak sangka pula akan habis.

25 Feb 2022( Friday)

Syukur, hari ke-5 kami home isolation, we are getting better. Cuma kadang-kadang batuk tu yang tak boleh hilang. We still makan ubat batuk lagi up until this post is publish.

26 Feb 2022( Saturday)

Kami counting day untuk "merdeka"! Anak kami sudah tidak sabar nak keluar berjalan-jalan, dia asyik pergi depan pintu atau pergi ambil kasut. Kalau dia buat dua benda ni, maksudnya dia nak pergi jalan-jalan dan keluar la. Sabar nak!

Keadaan kami sama macam hari sebelumnya, batuk batuk lagi. Ni saja yang tinggal sekarang.

27 Feb 2022( Sunday)

Masuk hari yang kedua last, aduii sudah x sabar mau pergi keluar. Especially pergi beli barang barang dapur, suda habis dan nak order guna HappyFresh nanti ada je barang xda habis katanya.

So lagi prefer pergi beli barang sebenarnya..

28 Feb 2022( Monday)

Hari terakhir kami Home Quarantine!! Saya tak sabar nak bawa anak saya jalan-jalan diluar rumah menikmati keindahan alam semesta haha dan menghirup udara segar.

Dari pengalaman kena positif COVID-19 ini, saya belajar beberapa hal seperti dibawah.

1. Jangan tunggu lama-lama

Jika sudah ada rasa symptom, bolehlah cek sebelum merebak ke orang lain.

2. First aid kit for family and baby

Yang ini sangat penting, saya ada kongsikan senarai barang-barang dalam first aid di rumah --> HERE.

3. Bawa bertenang

Selepas mendapat tahu, kami positif saya agak panik! Jangan panik, semua akan okay!

4. Bekalan ubat mencukupi

Pastikan bekalan ubat mencukupi jika tidak nanti terpaksa top up yang agak mahal.

5. Maklumkan kepada majikan, keluarga dan kawan- kawan yang pernah jumpa.

Jangan lupa maklumkan kepada majikan( screenshot MySejahtera) dan kawan-kawan yang pernah jumpa.

6. Banyakkan minum air masak/suam

Yang ni sangat-sangat penting, pastikan minum air. Jika saya, saya minum lebih 2L setiap hari.

7. Duduk rumah

Jangan kemana-mana! Duduk saja dirumah. Memang nak keluar rumah tetapi bertahanlah.

8. Sanitize rumah

Yang ni, kena lakukan selepas okay dari covid-19. Tak larat nak buat semasa sakit.

9. Pastikan buat HAT ( Health Assesment Today)

Selalulah buka MySejahtera app dan buat dengan teliti, nanti salah.

10. Pastikan anda boleh dihubungi

Sometimes KKM akan call jadi pastikan anda boleh dihubungi.

Saya harap perkongsian ini memberi gambaran dan persediaan untuk menghadapi COVID-19 ini. Jangan main-main dengan COVID-19 ni!

Stay safe and take care kawan-kawan!

Pengalaman kena positif COVID-19


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Welcome to my Blog. I’m Aya. I’m Orang Ulu from Sarawak, stay in Selangor. Married with one child. I worked as Test Consultant & Blogger. For any enquiry email to :

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