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5 awesome books working moms( mom to be) should read

09 March 2022

I always love to read books.

I believe that by reading books, I can expand or gain my knowledge. I know, there are many mediums to expand and gain knowledge now like you can watch youtube, online classes but I still believe and go for reading books. Go for what is work for you ya.

But, after I became a mom in 2020, I slow down a bit my reading because I need to take care of our baby and I always feel sleepy. Last year, I'm busy with my new job and new challenges so I didn't read that much. 

This year, I determined to read 12 books and more because I feel good whenever I finish reading books and I learned something from the books. I bought some new books and I re-read my old books too. Its feel refreshing.

You may be curious, when did I read my books?

Usually, I will read my books after my son goes to sleep. My son will sleep maybe around 10pm -11pm so I will stay up until 12am is just to read my books and I love this routine now.

Without further due, here are my list of awesome books working mom( mom to be) should read. 

1. Working parents - Taking care of Yourself

Read this if 

You just become a parent and you feel like there no rest or your life is changing so much after having a child.

Why I love it 

I love this book because its gave me an idea that what I'm going through now is not only me but every first time parent and good thing is I got to learn from other experience from this book especially about self care. I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my son and my family well.

Where can you get it?

I got mine by buy it online



2. Mindset

Read this if 

You want to have a change in the way you think to fulfil your potential. 

Why I love it 

Its not just about your potential but your children as well and even relationship so its really recommend for your mind.

Where can you get it?

MPH Bookstore ( Shopee)



4. Problem-Solving 101

Read this if 

You want to know how its really to become problem solver in your own life.

Why I love it

I've been read this book countless time and its really help me become a better problem solving person, not perfect but I know how to handle my problem well.

Where can you get it?

Major bookstore


I don't remember the price already, its been too long.

5. What's my child thinking?

Read this if 

Your child become a toddler. Having a toddler is fun and confused at the same time. He can't talk properly yet but he want to communicate with you. It's so frustrated when we in this stage. If you want to understand your toddler, you should read this book, its really helpful.

Why I love it 

Personally, I want to be "good enough" parent and I want to give the best for my son. Sometimes I yell at my son when he climb dangerously and I feel like that approach is not so good so that why I decided to get this book to make myself understand whats my son thinking and how can I respond to that.

Where can you get it?

Major bookstore ( I got mine at Popular Bookstore)


RM79.90 ( with 10% members discount)

6. What to eat when you're expecting

Read this if 

First time pregnant and you have no idea what to eat or do during your pregnancy.

Why I love it 

To be really honest, I always fall asleep whenever I read this book during my pregnancy hahaha. So, I recommend read it before you getting pregnant.

Where can you get it?

This book is given to me by my former colleague, Ying Ying.


I'm not sure...

I hope by sharing these awesome books you will start to read and enjoy reading.

What books that you recommend to read for working mom or mom to be?

Share yours in comment.

Don't forget to come back for next post as I will share where to buy books in cheaper price in Malaysia.

Stay tuned.

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