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Buying my first house journey

25 March 2022

It's been almost 5 years since I bought my first house/my current house.
I bought it back in 2017 and moved in 2018. For me, it's a bittersweet journey. 
Actually, this post has been on my draft for very long time, I feel not confident to share about it because I realized there  so many things that I'm lacking when I bought this first house. I can say, I just bought the house like I bought my own clothes, its easy and quick decisions. But very expensive one!😄
The young me must be crazy! But, I did it anyway.

But, after my friend, Fathinah said, she want to read my experience, I think it's time to share about it so maybe someone could learn something from my journey.

Without further due, let's start!

Pre buying house
I always wanted to owned my own house someday. This is one of the biggest dream in my life. I come from kampung and my dream to owned my own house in the city! I wanted to stayed in the city because I wanted to be city girl ( the young me must be short minded)😆
Now, as I getting older, I always wanted to go back to kampung hahaha

I started working as Quality Assurance Engineer back in Oct 2011  at a Japanese company. I'm so grateful for this job because this job makes me able to earn money and save money for my dream.
My dream in the early day as working woman was I want to buy my own house before I'm 30 years old and travel to many places.
In order to make this dreams come true, I surely need to save money but at the same time, I don't want to restrict myself from enjoying my youth life as well.
So, I took ASB loan and pay monthly for it for 5 years. I paid a big amount every month but I really wanted to make my dream come true! So, I don't really mind.

Lesson learned here:
- Save money as soon as you start working.
- As you save money, don't forget to enjoy your youth life as well.
- When you want to save money, don't just save in one platform like ASB, please diversify to other platform as well like Unit Trust.

Buying the house
After 5 years and  I completed paying my ASB loan, I finally had the money to buy the house, the deposit money I mean. 
Next step was I did a little survey with my friend, Marina where to buy a house. This one, I am really not an expert and I remember, I didn't do much survey actually.
My criterias are,
- Easy public transportations
- Nearby school and hospital
- Nearby supermarket and pasar
- Easy access to highway to city center

Then, after survey little bit, I go shortcut by asking my former colleague, Tan whether he know is there any new housing area that under development or almost complete development? So, this time, my former colleague told me about my house area so I decided to go look at it and I fall in love!!
Not waiting too long, I went to book my unit with my friend, Marina! I feel so crazy this time! Senang senang pergi booking!! Hahaha. I booked my unit with RM1000.Also, my former colleague/friend, Tan also introduced me to his property agent. This agent will help me on my buying an house process. She is the one that managed everything. 
I remember that, my loan application is almost disapproved, I don't remember the reason already. That time, I feel relieved and at the same time I feel so sad!
But, the next day, suddenly my agent informed that my loan was actually approved...hahah.
So, it's really come true!
For Sarawakian like me, it's not easy to decide to buy a house here. I was in dilemma but finally, I come to decision that I bought this house here because I know, someday some of my nephews or nieces will come to Semenanjung Malaysia to continue their study or some of our family will come to Semenanjung to attend any events or go to hospital for treatment, I want my family able to feel home here too.
After all documents has been finalized, I finally realized that, I am really an adult now and my dream is come true, really come true!! I feel funny when thinking about my signature, my signature finally become so expensive and important now.😆

Lesson learned:
- Survey the house you wanted as much as you can.
- Buy house at the area that have public transportion, nearby hospital,school and easy access to other area.
- Buy the house that "spark the joy" haha

Post buying house
After buying the house, I feel so empty! Meaning, my bank account is empty! haha. I did have money for eat and drink la but this is the first time ever my money gone like that in big amount. But I never feel regret, I finally make my own dream come true! The first steps was done!
After I settled all official documents, I didn't get the house key right way, I need to wait for developers to obtained the I don't remember...😅
After few months, I finally got the house keys.
I still remember, I sempat feel so scared when my agent told me that there will be delay in keys handover and this scared me because I remember watched in the news some people didn't get their house keys but they still need to pay to the bank. I worried about this!
So, I did go to my house area and pray for my house. 
Fun fact, I am the first one moved in after got the keys because I want to save my money from paying rental as this time, I already start paying for the house.
During my moved in, I didn't have many...

Lesson learned here
- Prepare and plan well for your financial.
- Already had plan how your house going to be look like.

From my own experience, it's not easy to decide to buy house because its big commitment but at the same time, you also want to achieve something in your life. My advise is follow your heart and mind! Don't forget to asked second opinion as well. 

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