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COVID-19 rapid test kit: Which are the easiest to use?

03 March 2022

I guess you are familiar with this already, right?

Whenever we need to go especially gathering with friends or family, it's recommended to do a self-test and make sure you are negative. There are so many brands and types of self-test kits in the market now.

So far, I've tried 4 covid-19 rapid self-test kits and I will share my review on each of them and which one is the easiest to use. Please read until the end.

1. Gmate Covid-19 Ag Saliva Self test

Price: RM17.90
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Major pharmacy ( I bought at NEXT Pharmacy)

My review:
For me, this is the easiest to use.  Also, the most hygienic I feel so far and according to the pharmacist, the percentage to detect you have a covid-19 virus is high. So, they recommend this. But, it's pricey as you can see
If you don't mind spending money on a test kit, then you can go for this. 

Recommended rating: ⭐⭐

2. All test Covid-19 Antigen 

Price: RM9+
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Major pharmacies

My review:
This is my second easiest to use and affordable too. The level of hygiene is also good.
I prefer this one if can but it's always sold out.

Recommended rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. NEWGENE Bioengineering 

Price: RM19.90
Waiting time: 15 minutes
Available at: Grab Pharmacy ( I bought mine using Grab because I need it urgently). Not recommend to buy via Grab, very expensive.

My review:
I don't really like this because I need to put my saliva dekat that bekas kertas. I feel I want to vomit when I do my self test using this. I prefer plastic than kertas, I feel so geli. I don't know about you.
And, this self test kit come with option whether you want to do self test using your saliva or cucuk hidung. Of course for me, I will never cucuk my own hidung... thinking of it I already feel so geli.

Recommended rating: ⭐

4.  Whistling test 2019-nCoV Saliva Ag EASY test

Price: RM19.90
Waiting time: I don't know
Available at: Some pharmacy ( I bought myself using Grab)

My review:
I bought this for my son but he doesn't know how to use it and it's hard to ask him to use it. So, I tried using it. For me, this brand is really disappointing because there are no instructions. So, I'm not sure how am I supposed to use it and how long to wait. I don't recommend this brand. This one so cikai and I don't feel confident to test using this.
I recommend you find another brand, not this brand.

Recommended rating: ⭐

My verdict
The easiest and recommend self-test, it's kit goes to no.2. Its easy to use and affordable too. But, this is my personal opinion and based on my experience.

I hope this post will useful for you and if you feel so, please do share it with your friend and family.

For more about how to do self test COVID-19 in Malaysia, please visit

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