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Hi my dear friends
I want to introduce my sister's family homestay. It's so beautiful.
My family and I stayed at this homestay during our Christmas holiday in 2021 and it's an amazing experience.I really love the view, its green and fresh air in the morning.

This homestay has 2 rooms

Each room has its own toilet.

How to reach here?

You can go here from Bintulu or Miri.
If you need any transportation from Bintulu or Miri and also the details of this homestay , you can contact my sister, Achel ( whatsapp no +60 19-824 6109)


  1. Hi.. the homestay looks comfortable and what a great view from the veranda! Where is its location and what's the nearby local attractions?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks! The view is very nice indeed.
      The location is Kampung Data Kakus, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
      You can visit Bintulu for nearby local attractions :)


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