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Karl Sibal 1Y9M

01 April 2022

Wow! Praise the LORD!
Today our son is 1Y9M(1 year 9 months) or 21 months!
Time flies so fast! 
or not so fast actually. What I can say is when its easy, time flies so fast but when its got hard, time move so slow.😁
I still can't believe its almost 2 years since I gave birth to our son and since I experiencing so many first time in my life and I get through it! Wow! Praise the Lord!✌

One thing that I'm so grateful now is we are always together ( my husband, my son and me). We sleep together every night and this make me so happy! Nothing compare to this happiness! I just don't know how my life will be without them.

My son is doing well so far. He did get sick but not that sick, I mean no need to admit to the hospital, just monitor him at home and I'm so thankful for that.
I never wish anything for my son, I just wish him HAPPY and HEALTHY always! I really can't see him get sick, its hurt me! And, I can't see him sad too, especially when I sent him to our babysitter's house. He will crying and that's hurt me but I did that because I need to work for our future!

Thanks God for your protection and love for our family!
Love you always 💜

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