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My job hunting journey during the pandemic (2021)

05 April 2022

5 Apr 2021, I still remember this day very vividly.

On this day, I got my interview with current company I worked for. I really want this job and I prayed so hard for it. I did went for few interviews before but I didn't feel so right about it. I just don't know why. Even though I feel it's not right, I went for the interviews to practice. Practices make perfect, right? 

As usual, before any of my interview, I will do the preparation and study about the company. But, this time, I was a bit messed up hahaha. Why? Because usually I got interview direct with the company that I will work for. Meaning, if I interview for Software Test Engineer for Tech Mahindra IT Sdn Bhd, so I will work for this company. But, this time, I got interview with Tech Mahindra IT Sdn Bhd's client which is TNB IT. Quite confusing right?

In simple word, Tech M supply the resources for TNB IT. I will work daily with TNB IT and my salary will be paid by Tech M.

This is my first time to experience this.

I was interviewed by my current manager and colleague. I did my very best and try to be calm as much as I can. I really want this job!

The interview went well but I don't really expect too much, I afraid I will be disappointed.

But, after the interview I did got sense I got it because I really looking forward to do the job and and I like the way the describe the job so I really want to do it.

And again, I don't want to expect too much.. If its for me, then it will be for me.

Less than a week after the interview, I got news I GOT THE JOB!!!

I was soo happy and really looking forward to working again.

For me personally, job hunting during the pandemic is challenging but I like it because I can go for an interview via online. Its feel very convience for me. Also, I can practice and see myself on the camera while I talked. This is the best part of job hunting during the pandemic.

I started working again on 19 April 2021 and the best part, I am working from home. This is really new kind of experience. I will share this experience on different post.

I was blessed and grateful because I got the job before May 2021. I prayed hard and do my very best for this interview.

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