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My "pantang" experience

04 April 2022

I want to start this post with big laughing 😁😁, I saja je want to share my pantang experience.
To be really honest, I just fully pantang 1 month when my mom with me. Can you believe I didn't wash my hair for whole 1 month!! It's so crazy!! I really feel so uncomfortable but due to pantang, I follow saja. This one I can follow, others aiyaaa... a bit hard for me. For the second months, I take it easy already. That's why I'm laughing at myself.
For me personally, pantang is really important, no doubt of this but don't be too hard on yourself or on the people that go through pantang lah... kecian.

The first month of pantang

The 1st week
Ouchhh!! This is the hardest week in my life!
I giving birth normal but got jahit lah so I can't walk and sit properly and comfortablely. But, need to go to clinic and hospital visit. Aduhhh
The nurse did come to visit in the house but due to my son got jaundice so we need to go to clinic and sent him to the hospital. Oh God! This is really terrible experience for me. Got strict SOP some more. One one parent can go visit/up, oh God! I really feel so hurt you know and I really afraid terbuka jahitan. Thanks God its not!

This is my menu during the first month

Keep pumping

Study about poop color

Study and remember the carta najis

Enjoying my kuih bangkit homemade by my sister

Visit my baby at NICU

My baby at NICU 

Cut my hair by my bro

Visit hospital

My mom with my baby

My baby and me

My husband and our baby

One of the menu 

The 2nd week
Healing process is feel so slow.
My son again admit to the hospital due he is not responding. I feel I am so mentally weak for this.

The 3rd week
I feel getting better but I really don't have enough sleep. In the middle of night, our son is crying so much!

The 4th week
My mom going back to hometown. I feel really unstable this time.

The second month of pantang
The 1st week

The 2nd week
Stay at home.

The 3rd week
Stay at home.

The 4th week
For the last week of my "pantang" or maternity leave, I went to ASB to open account for my son and also I changed my hairstyle. I feel fresh and good with this hairstyle. I miss this hair!

I've craving for IKEA's Meatball argghhhh

With my husband 💖💖

Spend time with our family

My in laws come visit us

Do I regret not doing my pantang well?
Yes. It's so hard for me to get rid of my belly fat now hahahaha but its experience for me. If I got the next time, I definitely going to do differently and better.

Please do pantang well but don't too stress lah. Take it easy! Do your best!
But, for the pantang bersama husband for 100 days need to follow, jangan macam2! 

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