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Our son first time visit shopping mall

24 April 2022

Last weekend we finally bring our son to shopping mall.
I always wanted to bring him but my husband always hesitate because our son didn't wear mask( he is less than 2 years) and I also don't want to risk anything.
Usually they will wait me in the car and I will always rushingly buy things.
This time, I want my husband and son to come because I want my husband help to choose our comforter style ( I've been dreaming to buy this with my husband) and I also wanted to buy toys for my son and I want him to experience the shopping for toys.
Then, what happened is SO TIRING! Our son keep running here and there, oh God! hahaa
As for the toys shopping, he seems wanted everything but he don't know yet.

I wanted to buy this for him but its exceed my budget so tahan dulu

My husband wanted to buy this for our son, hopefully he will buy this so our son can play drum

He seems wanted this but he already had this at home

He wanted to go plan there hahaa

He come here 

With daddy

After we arrived home, take bath and he wanted to play with his new toys haha x sabarrr

I bought popcorn because I'm craving for it and look what my son do to the popcorn haha

The victims to clean up is my husband hahahaa

This month, he always don't want to wear his clothes. It's not hot but he seems comfortable without clothes.

Playing with his second toys we bought for him

I am so happy whenever I bought anything for my son.
I feel happiest whenever he love to play with his toys.
I try my best to give the best for him.

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