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5 coffee shops to visit in Kajang


It's weekend!! Yeahhh!!
I know a lot of you still go for Raya open house but just in case you're in Kajang, Selangor and wanted to relax and enjoy coffee or other "hipster" drink with affordable price, this post is just right for you!
I love coffee and I drink coffee everyday!!! If I'm in the mood, I will buy coffee via GrabFood App or if I'm not in the mood, I will just "bancuh" sendiri lah the 3 in 1 coffee hahaha
Since I love coffee that much, I've been discovered some coffee shop in Kajang, Selangor that worth to visit!
So, here are the list! 
I hope this can make your day!

1.Koffie Lane

This is my go to coffee shop for my ME TIME!

Address: No. B-1, 21, Jalan Prima Saujana 2/1A, Taman Prima Saujana, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Opening Hours:08:30- 22:00, Mon : Closed

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Maps/Waze - Search for Koffie Lane Saujana Impian

What to order:

They had varieties of choices.

What I like to order are their coffee latte, biscof pavlova and carbonara spaghetti. Here you can enjoy your coffee during breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or supper.

Note before go:

  1. Payment system - They have their own payment system but worry not, you can pay via card or cash too.
  2. Parking area - The parking area is a bit crowded but no worry, you will be get the parking.


2.Kopi Kasih Kita

I love to go to this coffee shop with my husband because I love to read their words displayed in their shop, its so romantic, funny and feel good about it hahaha.This is our go to coffee shop whenever we go out. I've never sit in their coffee shop as I usually take out or order via GrabFood.

Address : GL -08, Metro Point Kajang

Opening hours: Always open ( 10:00- 22:00)

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What to order:

- I usually order K

Note before go:

- The coffee shop is inside the Metro Point Shopping Complex. So, you can park your car at Metro Point Parking. You can parking fee using your Debit card/credit card. The best!!


3.ZUS Coffee

I don't remember the history I discovered this. But, I think I discover it via GrabFood. I always seen ZUS Coffee in my dashboard so I curious to try it. The rest is history! haha
I love it since my first try and now I a bit slow down because I just discovered new coffee shop pulakk hahha

Address: Lot G-15, MKH Boulevard, Jalan Changkat, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00

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Maps/Waze - ZUS Coffee Kajang

What to order:
- I usually order their Vanilla Latte, I just love it!


4.Gigi Coffee

This is my discovery lately...haha
I've seen people line up for this at IOI City Mall and also my friend also recommend me to try this so why not! Oh no!! I'm hooked!! I can say, I drink this everyday now. I even "meracuni" my husband to try it out and as usually, he liked capucino!

Address : Lot G-15, MKH Boulevard, Jalan Changkat 

Opening hours: 09:00- 22:00

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What to order:

I love their buttercream coffee ( Cold), Oh my God!!! I really love it!

Note before go:

- Find parking here is super hard because it's in the middle of busy Kajang town. So, be patience la.


5. Rumah Kopi Purnama

I've attempt one time to visit this coffee shop but it's too crowded so just order via Grab.

Address: 7b, Jalan Sungai Kantan, Kampung Sungai Kantan, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Opening hours: Thursday - Monday ( 12PM-7PM)

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What to order:

I recommend to try their pastry, oh my oh my!! Just love it!

As for drink, I've tried their vanilla latte cold and it's just taste like latte haha

That's it! I hope you enjoy my post and don't forget to visit my blog for new coffee discovery haha

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