GiGi Coffee review

20 May 2022

Have you try GiGi Coffee yet?
I know about this coffee this year. Before this, I frequently drink coffee from Kopi Kasih Kita haha, I love it! I rarely drink any Starbuck Coffee now because I feel it's expensive and it's don't taste that good actually.
I prefer local or new "kid" in town coffee now.

I discover this or I heard of this coffee from my friend, Fath, we are coffee lover! I missed my previous company vending machine coffee and its really cheap and delicious!

I first try GiGi Coffee, I randomly choose via GrabFood, I first try 
Buttercream Latte (Cold)
Latte ( Hot)
Yes, I always order two and always order latte.

After my first try, I really like the Buttercream latte but for latte is just like other coffee shop.
But,I can't always order Buttercream latte because its always sold out!

My first time try GiGi Coffee

I visited 1 Gigi Coffee shop at Kajang
I really love the coffee shop.

If you interested to try, you can visit their coffee shop

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