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Shopping with my son | Tips shopping with toddler

06 May 2022

I rarely bring my son shopping before because there's someone take care of him at home but now, just me and him always and everyday, so wherever I go, he will come. I can't leave him alone ( of course lah).
I never really know how to shopping with toddler/my son. Our first time was shopping for groceries at Giant Supermarket and he don't want to sit in the trolley so I carried him while I shopping. On my right, I carried my son and on my left, I carried & pushed the basket trolley. You can imagine how tiring is that.
I learned a lesson from that first time experience. I decided to teach my son to sit in the trolley. Next, we went to Lotus and he sit in the trolley, arghh save my back! hahaa
I can say, shopping with my son is the hardest now. I can't belek belek things.Everything need to just grab. For groceries, I can just grab whatever I put in the list. But, for clothes, I just bought my usual size and usual color and also I went to my favorite clothing store, Uniqlo or Padini. I knew my size here and I just grab whatever I want that time.

Here are my tips shopping with toddler based on my experience.
#1: Teach your toddler sit in the trolley
#2: Bring his toys ( the small one)
#3: Be patience all the time, enjoy the moment
#4: Always bring the list
#5: Shopping fast ( hahaha)

Here are the photos of we went to shopping together.

Our first time shopping to Giant. He don't want to sit in the trolley so just let it be and I am really wrong. Most of the time I spent to chased him.

Suddenly he found this and don't want to move from this hahaa

He insisted to push the basket trolley.

Nahhh... see after shopping hahhaa

Then our second time was we went to Lotus. We didn't go shopping but to renew the car insurance and roadtax but to control his movement, I put him in the trolley. You can see how upset he look.hahhaa

The one I hate the most whenever going out with my son is suddenly wanted to go to toilet.

Then, I bring him to bookstore. I love to go bookstore because I love books.

Looks what he done...haha

I will never ever to forget this moment in my life. I know its hard now but this moment I want to cherish it.

Love you anak.

I love my motherhood journey.

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