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Am I ready?



How's your weekend? I hope you have a great one. As for me, I am blessed that I can spent time with my family. Nothing better than this.

I've been actively searching for play school for my son because currently my Uncle's family help to take care of my son while I'm going to office, twice per week. I am so grateful for their help but I need to find play school for my son as he almost 2 years and maybe I will work in office full time anytime soon. I prayed I am not. Please God!

In less than a month, my son will be 2 years old. Oh my God! Times flies really fast!

While I'm searching and asking nearby playschool...

suddenly one question hit me " AM I READY?" 

Am I ready to send my son to school ( play school)?

To be really honest, I AM NOT!!

I still want him to be around me all the time and at the same time, I still can earn money because I need money to live and for our better future.

I tried my best to make myself ready but it's so hard. I feel sad and emotional whenever I think of sending him to school. Yes, I am overthinking but I just can't help.

Also, I'm not sure whether my son is ready or not too! I am too afraid thinking of him go to school and meet new people and he just almost 2 years old... oh God!!

but what can I do? 

I choose to be working mom and this is the price I have to pay. I need to let my son go to school because nobody will take care of him at home and I feel so tired to juggling between work and child care. 

I bertahan because of my son, I love him deeply and I want the best for him.

I feel so helpless now...

I feel so sad...

I feel unhappy with this kind of life...

Oh dear God, help me! I need help!

Any mama out there experience the same like me?

Please do share with me how do you make yourself ready?

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