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Precious time with my son | Jalan-jalan di Taman Botani, Putrajaya


Happy Monday!

One of our family go to places to "ambil angin" is Taman Botani, Putrajaya. I've been visit this park many times since I knew it. I really love here!

Now, I'm having my son, I love to bring him jalan-jalan dan ambil angin here. We've been stayed at home for a very long time so sometimes we need fresh air.

While we jalan-jalan at this park today, I suddenly feel so emotional because of 2 things,

1. My son already growing up this big

Seeing my son walking in front of me or sometimes he running, its really hit me! Woww... being a mother is challenging but seeing and witnessed my son growing up in front of my eyes make everything bearable.

To be really honest, I really wanted to take care of my son full time but I still have many commitments and I knew the importance of financial stability for our family.

It's not that money is everything... 

but, money can support make your dream come true and less stress in this life.

2. The single mom vibes

Whenever I'm alone with my son, I always have this kind of vibes... yes, I am overthinking! My husband can't come with us today because he is working. So, what can I do for that. I really respect all single mom or single dad out there! It's not easy to handle a child on our own but you guys manage to do it! Salute!! 

Keep going and never give up!

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