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What I wish I knew before I become a parent


I wished I discover articles like this before I become a parent. 

I am too busy to read about how to take care of my pregnancy, what to eat, how to take care of newborn and etc. 

What clothes to buy...

How to push...

Should I get epidural? 

To be really honest, I never think of this.

Now that I becoming a parent, I think it's really important for new parent/soon to be parent to know about what they should know before become a parent.

So, thats why I want to share my experience and my own research about this in this post. I hope you will learn something today.

First month can be torture

First month becoming parent is first of everything.

First time hold baby...

First time try to breastfeed baby...

First time to .... many first time.

Just like in our life doing something for the first time can be hard and not easy.

Believe me, as time goes by, you can do it easily.

Just hold on and be strong for the first month,it will pass soon. Just enjoy it!

You will miss your sleeping time

The moment baby is out to the world, that the beginning of saying goodbye to sleep soundly.You will never sleep like before.

Never ever!! 

This is the most thing you will lost after you becoming parent.

For our case, first three months is we always lack of sleep and we always take turn/shift to take care of baby so we can at least sleep.

Now, our son is almost 2 years old, we sometimes need to wake up to make susu in the middle of night.

Sleeping will be never like before after become a parent.

Your child development milestones

The first year is the hardest for me. I always worried about my son development.

Whenever want to visit clinic, always worried what the nurse will say to me today.

If hit the garisan kuning, need to set appointment with the doctor and sometimes specialist doctor. I always worried about this.

After my son become 1 year old, I start to not worry too much!

Every child has their own development pace and no need to compare with others but you need to really monitor your child development, jangan sampai x betul.

Going out never be the same anymore

Whenever going out, always prepare everything like diapers, wet tissues, spare clothes, milk and ....

You will never going out just like that! Unless you want to have a bad day.

Perfect parent is myth

You will never be supermum or superdad! 

You're human after all.

There's a day you make mistake, overslept or not be patience, don't feel quilty about it too long, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on!

Your marriage will be challenged

After you having a child, it's hard to find alone time with your spouse.This is honest and reality. You both will be focus on the baby especially during the early day having a baby. 

My advise is don't be discourage when your spouse seems not paying attention to you, if you feel so, tell him/her about what you thinking. Don't keep it in your mind.

The good husband/wife will listen and improve this.

You need good people around you

As a new parent, you do not know everything about parenting. You will need some people in your life that go ahead before you and ask them questions and tips. Make sure you surround yourself with people that encourage and support your current season.

You will appreciate your parent more

Arghhh this one hit me to the core!

After I having my son, I missed my mom terribly when she went back home. I cried a lot in the car while holding my baby. I feel my life is over!

But, I am a big girl and having my own baby now... 

I faced hard things during my parenthood so this make me appreciate my parent more.

Enjoy the moment because it will fast.

Even though there's so many challenges during the parenthood, we really need to enjoy it as this moment will not last.

Our child will grow up fast.

I feel like in the blink of eyes, my son able to walk on his own...

It will be WORTH IT!

Raising kid is a gift and blessing.

You are not just raising human being but you are guiding the next generation future leaders.

Whenever I feel its hard, I remind myself this!

I talked to myself " raising my son is a gift and blessing, I am guiding the next leader!"

Sometimes I feel its hard to say this whenever its hardest day but I try my best to be the best guide for my son, future leader for next generation.

I hope this post will help you the new parent/soon to be parent a glimpse of what is like to be parent.

Thank you for read until the end.

See you next time.

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