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Working mom dilemma | Sitly App



One thing that I struggled the most as a working mom is finding babysitter to take care of my son when I need to go to office. 
For time being, my uncle's family help me and I am really thankful for this. 
But, I know I can't rely on them for long term so I try to find other alternatives now. My options now are,
Option 1: Find babysitter
Option 2: Find playschool
While I'm doing research about this 2 options, I found out about this app.
Have you heard about this app before?
Sitly App.
It's an app to find babysitter around you within 500meters or to do babysitting job.
In easy word, its app that connect parent and babysitter easilt.

It's sound interesting, right?

I knew about this app via Facebook ads and my friend, Marina told me about it.
I never try but I did download it and sign up for it.
But, I am scared to really use the service provided.
My thinking was "How come I send my son to people that I meet via apps from Facebook?"
For me, I don't really trust people especially strangers from social media, I know not everyone is bad people but again, I can't really trust stranger to take care of my son! Scary!
But, on other side, I feel like this apps is useful for parent.
We can find nany/babysitter around us easily.
Just my trust issue. I have a problem with that.

Have you ever try this app?
or do you want to try this app?

Please do let me know if you ever used it and how is it?

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