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Working Mom Diary #15: My last day at Tech Mahindra Sdn Bhd

15 July 2022
I've been so nervous waiting for this date because this is the end date of my contract with TNB Berhad- Tech Mahindra Sdn Bhd. Also meaning, it's my last working day here at Tech Mahindra Sdn Bhd.
There's no farewell as I don't have colleagues at Tech Mahindra Sdn Bhd,I just communicate with HR and IT people.
I feel nervous because I'm afraid I won't continue to work at TNB Berhad after this.I will go through the looking for job process once again.
I don't really like looking for job process because it's tiring and menguji kesabaran diri.
But, God is good, I continue to work at TNB Berhad but with different company this time. It's for better ( I prayed hard!).

Maybe some of you curious, why am I under Tech Mahindra Sdn Bhd? not Tenaga Nasional Berhad.
Let me explain to you, in simply way, Tech Mahindra provided resources to TNB and I am that resources so all my salary was from Tech Mahindra but I worked at TNB.

There's not much memories here but I just thankful this company gave me opportunity last year and I am super thankful.

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