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Working Mom Diary #18 : Karl first day to school

Finally, the day has come!
We planned to send to school after Hari Raya Haji but due to his health, so on 18 July 2022, finally he fit to go to school.
The feeling is just overwhelmed.
Wake him up around 7.30am is the hardest, he used to wake up whenever he want but now need to wake up before 8am. So kecian him.
After wake him up, I will bath him and he always crying and not behave well haha but need to be patience.
After take bath, he calm a bit so I will prepared him to school.
Sending my son to school is the hardest! I feel sad aiyooo

After school
You have made it syg!

Puji Tuhan his first day berlalu dengan baik.

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