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Celebrating National Day 2022 - Try Aba Kolok Mee & Laksa Sarawak

Yeahh! It's Public Holiday in the middle of week!

I really wanted to bring my son to Dataran Merdeka to see the parade but I know it will be crowded. Thanks God I didn't bring him this year. I saw on Tik Tok, whoaaa so very very crowded!

So to celebrate National Day 2022, we went to Try Aba Kolok Mee & Laksa Sarawak at Seri Kembangan.

He wanted watermelon juice

This is the Laksa Sarawak

The Kolok Mee

This is the Laksa Sarawak... ermmmm I don't think I like it... it's taste totally different from laksa sarawak used to eat.

This is me excitedly eat my Laksa Sarawak

Me and my son chilling before he throw tantrum because he sleepy...

Suddenly want to sapu rumahhh


Karl celebrating Happy National Day 2022 at Playschool

Happy National Day 2022!
I eagerly waiting for my son's photos from their celebrating National Day yesterday.
I even wake up at 4.30am for food preparation, tapi tak jadi...haha
I just bring Ice Cream Malaysia!


A glimpse of my son at playschool

I always feel curious how my son doing at playschool.
I don't really know if there any way for me to see him at playschool
On Monday, I asking the teacher to take his photo and send to me.
Actually, they had specific telegram group for their photos, aiyooo... I don't know about that.
So, his teacher sent his photos and add me in the Telegram group as well.
Oh God!
I was in joy of tears when I see his photos at playschool.
At home, he always resist to hold his color pencil but at playschool, he siap do coloring lagi hahaha.
I feel it's worth it to sent our child to playschool.
It's hard to separate but for me, I need to be strong and this is for my son's well being.
Honestly, when he is at home with me 24/7, I did teach him something but this is not my expertise so maybe I lack something.
By sending him to playschool, he can learn new things a lot and learn to socialize with others as well.


Resepi Nasi goreng cornbeef - Simple and sedap ( My husband's favorite)

Sorry ya, saya lupa ambil gambar nasi goreng cornbeef sbb nak cepat makan.
Ni adalah nasi putih makan dengan cornbeef.

Siapa pernah makan nasi goreng cornbeef?

Atau pernah dengar tak cornbeef sebelum ini?

Bagi orang-orang Borneo ( Sabah & Sarawak), ini adalah satu masakan yang menjadi kesukaan ramai sebab sedap dan senang memasaknya.

Nasi goreng ini sesuai sangat dimasak apabila anda ada lebihan nasi tetapi malas nak sediakan bahan-bahan memasak untuk memasak nasi goreng lain.

Jadi, saya kongsikan macam mana nak memasak nasi goreng cornbeef ini dan selamat mencuba!


Cornbeef - dicincang

Nasi sejuk

Bawang merah - dicincang

Bawang putih - dicincang

Minyak masak 

Telur ayam 1 biji

Cara-cara memasaknya:

1. Tumiskan bawang merah dan putih

2. Masukkan cornbeef dan gaulkan sampai sebati

3. Masukkan telur ayam dan gaulkan sebati

4. Masukkan nasi dan gaulkan sebati



Tin cornbeef ni kan, lain mcm cara buka dia, jadi berdasarkan pengalaman saya, kalau buka tin cornbeef ni, kena hati-hati dan buka pelan-pelan.


Family Outing: Picnic at Putrajaya Lake Club

This week we went to family outing at Putrajaya Lake Club.
This is my first time went here and I love it already.