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A glimpse of my son at playschool

23 August 2022

I always feel curious how my son doing at playschool.
I don't really know if there any way for me to see him at playschool
On Monday, I asking the teacher to take his photo and send to me.
Actually, they had specific telegram group for their photos, aiyooo... I don't know about that.
So, his teacher sent his photos and add me in the Telegram group as well.
Oh God!
I was in joy of tears when I see his photos at playschool.
At home, he always resist to hold his color pencil but at playschool, he siap do coloring lagi hahaha.
I feel it's worth it to sent our child to playschool.
It's hard to separate but for me, I need to be strong and this is for my son's well being.
Honestly, when he is at home with me 24/7, I did teach him something but this is not my expertise so maybe I lack something.
By sending him to playschool, he can learn new things a lot and learn to socialize with others as well.

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