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Celebrating National Day 2022 - Try Aba Kolok Mee & Laksa Sarawak

31 August 2022

Yeahh! It's Public Holiday in the middle of week!

I really wanted to bring my son to Dataran Merdeka to see the parade but I know it will be crowded. Thanks God I didn't bring him this year. I saw on Tik Tok, whoaaa so very very crowded!

So to celebrate National Day 2022, we went to Try Aba Kolok Mee & Laksa Sarawak at Seri Kembangan.

He wanted watermelon juice

This is the Laksa Sarawak

The Kolok Mee

This is the Laksa Sarawak... ermmmm I don't think I like it... it's taste totally different from laksa sarawak used to eat.

This is me excitedly eat my Laksa Sarawak

Me and my son chilling before he throw tantrum because he sleepy...

Suddenly want to sapu rumahhh

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