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My career goals 2022 & 2023

09 August 2022

Out of blue, I finally come out with my career goals. I know, its August now 🤣🤣
But, its never too late to set a goals right?

To be really honest, I don't really have career goals actually. What I think important is I got the job and I can pay all my bills, debts and saving for future. I really can't think further about this honestly.

I don't know why I suddenly have an ideas what's my career goals today. I guess because I listen to my favorite song while I commute. I notice that my brain will work whenever I listen to my favorite songs or podcasts but I can't do it because I need to listen to my son.

Okay, here are my career goals.

1. Get my ISTQB Advance Level Test Analyst certificate
As Software Testing Engineer, the ISTQB certificate is really important for me. I already had the Foundation ISQTB certified so I want to move to next level. I currently search or ask for qoutition for the training and exam. After I get the qoutation, I will try to approach my Manager to ask for funding it. If not, I will save money to go for this training and certificate. It's really expensive you know!

2. Get title Ts in front of my name
What is Ts?
Why this is important for me?
I've been dreamed of having Ts in front of my name for very long time but I just feel small when thinking of it.
But, after I knew my manager at work got Ts in front of her name, I feel so encouraged and I really want go for it.

3. Update my resume monthly
I will consistently update my resume. Why?
If I didn't update it, thats mean I didn't learn and upgrade my skills or knowledge.

4. Get the permanent job
It's not that I don't like contract job but it's been 1 year + I worked as Contract worker. I feel uncertainty everyday but I like this way as this push myself getting better and upgrade my skills. I still thinking why I want permanent job? I am afraid I will get comfortable and spend my longest time at one place again... I am still thinking about this.

5. Get my Master of Business Administration
I secretly wish to get Master of Business Administration one day. For now, I don't have time and I have bigger commitment in my life which is my son. I want to focus on him.

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