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My honest thought on sending my son to school as early as 2 years

11 August 2022

I've been thinking to share about this but not manage to really spend time to write about it. 
For first time parent like us, we actually don't really know when the exact time to sent our son to school or specifically playschool because for us, our son seems too young to go to school and at the same time, we also wanted him to learn to socialize and interact with other people.
Its really hard to come to decision to send our son to school.

Until the time I need to work in office for 2 days and work from home 3 days. If we sent him to babysitter for 2 days, this will be hard for both parties. My son will feel the inconsistent and its hard to find babysitter that can take care of our son for 2 days only per week.

There's some point, we asked help from my uncle's family and that temporary solve the first problem. Then, when we discuss again, its so hard to keep asking help from my uncle's family, they had their own life schedule as well so again, its really inconviences to them. So, finally we come to decision, sending our son to playschool.

Honestly, my heart is heavy...
I keep thinking, how my son will face the new situation or new environment in his life when he just 2 years old. I feel I am so cruel!

But, this is the reality of being working parents. We had no choice to send our son to playschool as early as 2 years. Its seems normal for other people but for us, its seems hard! 
And, our family asked us to sent back or they can take care of our son at kampung but I never like this idea. 
I don't want to be separate from my son for long period and I don't want to burden my family or in law to take care of my son and most importantly, I want to take care of my son. 

For me, during his age now, its really important for our involvement in his life. I don't want him to know us just as his parent but never feel our love or care for him. 

After sending him to school for almost a month now, I slowly to get use to the quilty feeling. I no longer feel that way anymore. I can see the benefits of sending my son to playschool now. He learned and improve a lot on his communication and many now.

I think we will never have the right time to send our child to school. Everyone have their own life situation. So, never feel quilty of sending your child to school even as early as 2 years old. Its better than "abandoned" your child and struggle on your own.
Just be strong heart and pray God will take care of my son all day at school.

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