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What I want to achieve in my life in 5 years?

10 August 2022

Again, this thought come out of blue! haha
In 5 years, I will turn 40 years old.

1. Retirement home
In 5 years, we have enough fund to build our retirement home. For our retirement home, I've talked to my husband about it because we need to decide the area and how the home will be like. I've been doing research also, for retirement home, its better to have landed home. Its easy for us to move around when we get old.
I've been save many photos as possible so I feel bersemangat toward this.

2. Toward retirement era
To retire from work its not an overnight process but need preparation. I need to know what I want to do after I retire, where I want to retire and my financial.

3. Business Master
I've been dreamed of this for very looonggg time but not yet come true due to financial and time constraint. I must make this come true before I'm 40 years old.

4. Baby girl
I wish for baby girl. I had my wonderful baby boy.

5. Financial management
My financial is getting better.

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