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Working Mom Diaries : Peaceful lunch as mom

Happy Friday!
I feel good whenever I can eat my lunch peacefully. This is one of I missed when I single hahaha
After having a child especially toddler, I never really had peaceful eating time. Whenever I want to eat, my son also want to come with me sit in the table and messed up everything.
Sometimes I'm okay, just ignore this but sometimes I just wanted to eat my food.

Today, I am feel grateful for having a peaceful lunch as my son went to school today.
The food is good but I missed my son.

For today lunch, I feel like I wanted to eat oden. Thankfully I had the oden paste, rice cake,shrimp, hotdog and most importantly, my daun ketumbar!

I've been so crazy about this daun ketumbar. I just don't know why but I feel good whenever I eat it with whatever... hahaha
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