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Family Outing: Our first visit to Taman Tasik Cyberjaya

On this day, we went to Taman Tasik Cyberjaya, Cyberjaya.
My husband want to bring us here since last week but tak jadi because of raining.
And, his plan come true this week, thanks Lord!
There's one sweet story behind this plan.

On Friday night, my husband told me, he will working late today so he can finish his work and no need to come to office on Saturday. If not then he need to go to office and can't spend time with us on weekend.

I really appreciate his effort to spend time with us.
We actually don't spend so much time with him during weekday as he always need to go work early and come back late. At night, we only spend I think around 2 hours and we sleep already.
So, the only time that we fully spend with him only on weekend.

As a wife, I don't ask many, all I want is he able to do his job properly during weekday, spend his time on weekend and night with us, never forget his role as the leader of our family, if he done all these, its fine for me.

I know money is important, no deny on this.Everything need money and he also working to earn money so we can live comfortable at least.

But, spend time with family is MOST IMPORTANT!
Never ever trade your work with your family time.
I personally will be so disappointed when this happen.

I sacrificed everything for my family because for me family is my priority.
I left my side hustle just want to spend all my outside work time with my son because I realized, my son will be not forever this small and I want to be someone that will be always with him.

Whenever I look back, my son spent his time at playschool from 8am- 6pm( almost 11 hours) and I got the 13 hours( minus sleeping time), I don't have much time with him actually.

So, thats why, I spend my time with him as much as I can.

If you're young parent, you will have this challenge, work and your family especially your kids.

We ride electric motor for the first time ever! It's exciting and I am so happy I've experience this with my loved one.
30 minutes ride for RM30.

I love the view here, it's so calm and greeny.

My son was so excited with this electronic motor. This is his first time seeing something like this. 

I also I am amazed to see my favorite vegetables, kojau payak!

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