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5 reasons why women need to know how to earn and manage their money!

17 September 2022

I'm growing up seeing my mom( We') worked so hard to help my father to provide for our family. My mum really worked hard at her ladang and kebun and I really appreciate this. I still remember the time I accompany her to sells rice, vegetables and fruits in the street of Belaga to earned money to buy groceries like sugar, salt, cooking oils and etc. Thinking back of this, it's really hard to live on but because of God's grace and help, we make it!

 I never embarassed with this experience as this experiences makes me learn on how to earn money and how important to know how to manage it.

I started to earn my own money when I'm 23 years old ( my first job). I honestly don't know how to manage my money when I first earn my money. I did heard of how important is manage money but I never really be good at it. I keep failing and falling to the temptations of spending my money and until I had my debts now.

Fast forward now, I feel ashamed to say, I still learn how to manage my money well and I still in progress to be better on it. Because of this, I feel that, it's really important for anybody or on my perspective, it's very important for women to know how to manage their money since early age ( I guess 13 years old would be appropriate). Why I said so? Because start this age, we started to receive pocket money especially for those who lived in boarding school like me.

I am 34 years old now, I aware that the money management is really important and its should be share on how to do it.

Before I share on how to do it, I want to share,

Why women need to know how to earn and manage money;

1. Women is the heart of family 💞

As a women, we know what's our family needs and what will happen to all our family members. Most of women will go buy groceries, deal with school thingy, house utilies and many more. All these matter, related to money. So, it's really important for us women to know or forecast what's our family needs in future. If we keep shopping or buy what we want, we will face the problems soon.

I can say, women are practically manage everyone life in the family. Am I right?

2. Women live longer than man 🚺

I know this fact when I joining the Unit Trust Consultant business.Whenever we do the calculations, women age always longer than a man. I don't know whether we women should be grateful or not with this fact! 

From my personal opinion, I think God makes us women live longer because He know that we will miss our kids always, kan? Make sense right? hehe

Whatever it is, thanks God for make us women live longer than man. I think, God make us live l

Since God give us this privilege, let take this opportunity to earn, manage and save money now for our future. When we older and can't work anymore, we can live on our own without burden our kids.

3. Women easily become a role model with money with our children 💸

Typically, a women ( a mom) will always with their children. Women spend longer time with their kids compare to the husband ( but maybe for some of us its different but this is major case). We bring our kid whenever we go like 99 speedmart, shopping mall, drive through and etc...

From here, our kids is watching us spending money and from that, our kids start to learn about money from us. Actually I feel so nervous to teach my son about money and I am afraid that, I will not able to give the best lesson for him. But, I will do my best! 

I will learn to never repeat my money mistakes.

4. If something happen to your spouse, you're left to figure out of money 🤵

I've heard a lot of this kind of news,

"After the husband died, the wife facing the money issue because of some rules ( I will never talk about this here because I am Christian so I don't think I have the right to talk about that.)

But, what I want to say is when the husband pass away, all the financial thingy will go to the wife. That's the obvious.

Who else going to take care of the kid's need?

So, that's why it's really important for women to know how to earn and manage money. Nobody else going to earn money for your family. So, while you can, please learn how to earn and manage money well.

5. Women that have good finance is happy women 😆

I know, this last reason might be controversial! Macam gila duit pula bunyinya. I am telling you the TRUTH and FACTS! There's no women that happy without money, if there's women saying that I am happy without money, BOHONG!!! That women just deceived herself.

Women and money is bestfriend! 

Without money, we women not going to be happy because when we have money, we can buy anything for our children and ourself. Am I right? hehe.


So, women, if you're not started to earn and manage your money, please start do so. Don't wait!

You can earn money by doing anything halal like online business, jual kuih, jual baju, jual any products and many more. We women must be always prepare and get ready for any situation.

For next post, I will share on how I manage my money. Stay tune!

Thank you so much for reading until the end!

God bless you! 💜💜

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