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My cost going to work in office

06 September 2022

This week I am grateful I able to work in office (WIO). I went to office twice a week now.
I am super duper grateful for this arrangement because its really save my money and save my energy as well.

Whenever it's the day to WIO, I will wake up early than usual. I usually wake up at 5.30am and I will start to prepare bekal and breakfast for my husband. For the ingredients, I will prepare it the night before. So, the next morning, I just cook it. Or sometimes if we had many leftover, I will just heat that up. Settle! 

After I prepare bekal and breakfast, I will go take bath and prepare myself while I do the morning devotional. After that, I will start to wake my son up.
This is the hardest now, wake my son up! He just so stubborn to wake up and always crying...sometimes this make my mood spoiled but I really try my best to not to be spoiled in the morning.I just follow the flow.

After my son wake up, I will prepare him and gave him his medicine and susu. Plus, playing his favorite video this moment and went to school.

After I sending my son to school, I will rushingly go to nearby MRT station which is Sg Jernih. It's very rush morning for me.

So, here is my daily cost when I go to work in office ( WIO),

MRT Sg Jernih - MRT Pasar Seni : RM3.70
Grab from Sg Jernih - TNB Dua Central : RM5-RM10 (Depends on traffic)
TNB Dua Central - MRT Merdeka :RM5- RM10 ( Depends on traffic)
MRT Merdeka - MRT Sg Jernih : RM3.60
Parking at MRT Sg Jernih :  RM4.30/entrance
Total spending : RM31.60 ( for grab I take RM10 per journey)

Since I will go to office twice a week, as for September I will WIO for 8 days. So, my monthly cost will be,
RM31.60 x 8 days = RM252.80

It's affordable actually.
Maybe some of you maybe curious, why didn't I get the MY50?
I want but I don't have enough cash when I want to get it. I just don't understand why the MRT customer service don't have debit card machine, they still use cash... ermm! It's very inconviences as I don't carry cash all the time with me. But, I planned to get it next time so I can save more money.

Finally, for now, I am just enjoying this moment right now. I hope this arrangement will be like this or getting better in future.

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