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4 tips to make life easier for Working Moms


As Malaysian, today is one day to remember!
After penantian, finally we got an answer 🙏
On other note, I shared 4 tips to make life easier as working mom.

1. Get rid of guilt
During my early day become a working mom, I feel guilt for "left" my child, he just 3 months the time I need to go back to work after my maternity leave.
Now, my son is 2 years old, I still feel guilt whenever I sent him to playschool. But, sampai bila nak rasa bersalah saja, so I learn to be strong & take it easy! I trust my son in good hands.
So, mama out there, sudahlahh lets praying for the best & let go the guilt. Bukannya saja2 kita memilih utk bekerja.

2. Find quality childcare
We always see in the news about anak atau bayi kena dera di tempat pengasuh atau school, every parent should freak out lah. Siapa tak takut kan? From my experience, please find the license childcare ya.

3. Prepare the night before
This become my habit now, I always prepare my son's things the night before so I no need to rushing in the morning. Beside my son's things I also prepare my work thing the night before.

4. Practice self care
At the end of the day, working mom is human. We do feel tired so after looong day, please do something that you love and refresh.

I hope this help you.
Please enjoyyy the life of working mom.

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