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Luahan hati seorang Borneo people yang tinggal di Semenanjung Malaysia mengenai GE#15


Terima kasih Tuhan, akhirnya GE#15/PRU#15 sudah berakhir?!
Semasa post ini di publish, we still don't have our Prime Minister(PM) yet. Masih tergantung! dan menjadi semakin confusing dan frustrating. But, kena sabar!

Latar belakang saya / My background
For those first time here or just discover my blog, I'm Sarawakian yang duduk bekerja di Semenanjung for more than 10 years now. I did change my IC address but I didn't manage to change my voting address this GE. 
I am not first time voter, I have voted in 2018 ( GE#14). My voting place is Hulu Rajang ( Sarawak).

Sebelum Hari Mengundi/ Pre Voting Day
From the beginning of this GE, I honestly feel so sad. Why? 
I really want to going back to cast my vote but unable to do so due to 2 big obstacles,
- The flight tickets KL to Bintulu is super expensive for 2 persons( me and my son)
- My son just completed his MRI scan last week(8/11) and we still waiting for his result.I'm afraid to bring him travelling, I am afraid he can't keep up with me.
Yes, I had so many alasan kan?
But, I really wanted to go back to cast my vote.

Before this GE, I frequently asked these 2 questions by my fellow colleagues and new friends,
1. Tak boleh undi pos ke? 
Setahu saya, saya masih tinggal dalam Malaysia bukannya luar negara so this option is invalid for me and my fellow Borneo people in Semenanjung Malaysia. Whenever people asked me, tak balik mengundi ke? Then I answered " tak" and the follow up question " kenapa?",  I feel so segan and malu. 
2. Kenapa tak tukar address mengundi awal2?
I admit this is one of my mistake. I personally don't expect the GE come this fast or unexpectedly. 

Since I cannot go, so I help my husband prepare about voting since this is his first time to cast his vote. I gathered all informations about the candidates in our area and how to vote so he can vote comfortably and no undi rosak.
For me, this is one of the way I can do my part beside than prayer lah.

Hari Mengundi/Voting Day 
On the voting day, I dengan penuh semangat drive my husband to the polling station because it's too pack and no parking. Within 10 minutes, he completed his responsibility as Malaysian. I feel so proud of him.
After 6pm, as we all know, the polling stations has been closed and it's the beginning of feeling nervous,start counting the votes.
I do experience this in 2018, sampaikan me, my sister and my brother tido bergilir-gilir so we can keep up with the result and takut we missed out anything.
This time, we just went to sleep as usual as we had our son. Kena sleep on time.
Just like last time, I prayed hard that, the good leader will be lead the country and this country change for better and greater!

Selepas Hari Mengundi/ Post voting day
When I wake up in the morning, my husband told me, PH is winning but not majority. Start from this, I already had a bad feeling and yes, it's started become chaos after that... Even though I didn't manage to cast my vote this time but I do feel so heartbroken and I know, my fellow Borneo people yang managed to going back just to go vote, mesti feel lagi heartbroken. They spend so much money and energy to fulfilled their responsibity but at the end, this what they need to face... 
I saw a lot of my fellow Borneo people updated on their social media said " nasib baik tak balik undi, buang duit and tenaga saja", I totally understand why they said so, I also agreed with them. 
Going back to Borneo is not an cheap journey, you will sacrifices a lot of money and energy and even your annual leaves.
Now, I started to think, God put many obstacles for me to going back to vote this time because He knews that I will be so heartbroken to see the situation now.
But, this current situation makes me think " I will go back for vote next time, I will do sinking fund for it in 5 years so money no longer become the issue in the next GE." I don't want to give up because I know, my vote as Sarawakian really make a different, I don't want to elobrate that here, you know what I mean.

To my fellow Borneo people stayed in Semenanjung Malaysia, let's not give up just because the current situation. Our vote is matter and can make a change. Just DON'T GIVE UP! 
Our vote can change or make our life situation in Semenanjung Malaysia and also our hometown getting better.
Yang paling penting, we try our best to make a better country for our kids.
Don't give up!

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