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My birthday 2022!

30 November 2022

30 November is the date I always waiting for every year.It's my birthday date!! 
Back then, I always do countdown from 1 Nov until 30 November but nowadays, I am busy to take care of my son, my work and many more so I can't keep up to do the countdown anymore. 
My birthday this year is just like other day,I went to work in office, I usually take leave but I won't do this this year because I save my leave for Christmas plus I don't have annual leave  actually hahaha. Nevermind lah,I enjoyed going to work on my birthday.

But, I don't if this is miracle birthday or not hahaha, I worked half day in the office because our office building having water issue, no water in the office so my manager let me go back to my home around 1pm- 2pm to continue work from home. 

After work, I went to Secret Recipe to buy cake.This year,I don't want to buy 1 biji kek because it will waste of money. Instead, I bought slice of cake for 3 of us.
I really love cake from Secret Recipe, the cake I like is White Chocolate Macadamia, Chocolate Indulgence & Carrot cake! Yummmyyy

After that, I pick up our son at school and prepared our dinner.
On any birthday celebration, I always bought KFC haha baru rasa birthday...hehe so since it's my birthday, so my husband yang pergi beli KFC and I really like this kind of combo, cake and KFC haha. Thank you my dear husband for buying KFC on my birthday, I like it!

When the time to blow candle, my son help me to blow the candle. He like it!
My birthday 2022 is simplest one, just 3 of us and wishes from family and friends. I really appreciate it. Thank you for remember my birthday 💖
The record holder, the fastest and earliest to wish me birthday this year is Maz & Ijan, 30 Nov 2022, 00:00, HEBAT!! Thank youuu soooo much 💝💝

Here are photos on my birthday 2022.

Sekarang ni, bergambar dgn si anak memang susah...

God bless everyone.

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