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Balik Krismas 2022!

22 December 2022

Christmas 2022 already passed but the memories still here!

Before this year end, I want to write blog post for each day of my Christmas holiday on my blog so I won't forget about it forever. Beside,I want to upload and share all photos as my phone is about to explode due to too many photos, its about 30k photos now.

We went back to my hometown to celebrate Christmas this year. I am so happy! hehe. It's not that I am not happy when I'm going back to my husband's hometown but the excitement is different hehe.

As you know or if you dont know, I am having drama before going back to my hometown for celebrating Christmas with my family. I LOST my IC! What a very clumsy behaviour of mine! I still angry with myself even until I write this post, I don't know when I can forgive myself for this. Its take time.

22/12/2022 ( Wednesday)
The day we are waiting for is here!!!
My uncle send us to airport at 1am because airport is pack during Christmas season so to avoid any drama or unnecessary drama I created myself, its better go early and go for the process slow and steady. Thanks God! We succesfulylly boarded the plane around 6am and fly to Bintulu! Duduk dalam flight baru rasa lega!

We arrived at Bintulu around 9am and took grab to my sister's place to rest for awhile but I'm not resting at all as I need to go with my sister bought the groceries/belanja Christmas! I feel like wanted to die already! Can you imagine, I didnt sleep from 1am until the next morning and direct do groceries shopping, or dear Lord! I am sooo tired! But, I really wanted to help my sister on this so I do it anyway.

After groceries shopping, we went back to my kampung. Its 6 hours drive from Bintulu to my kampung! Again, I'm not resting as the road is so bumpy and my body feel so sore!

We arrived at kampung around 8pm! Syukur sampai!
I arrived with hungry and tired! What a day!

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