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Pemung Mana (Kenduri) Kesyukuran

23 December 2022

23/12/2022 (Thursday)
This is the first day of ngabang(open house) at my kampung.
But, we didn't go visit any house because it's heavily raining and we had our pemung mana(kenduri kesyukuran) at our own house.
Since the pemung mana during lunch time so we need to prepare the food before 11am so we can eat at 12pm.
My body still feel so sore but I can't get rest because I need to help my mom and sisters to prepare and masak-masak for the pemung mana!
Hanya Tuhan saja tau betapa sakitnya dan letihnya diriku. But, I know everyone also feel the same so I am not complaining.
Also, I become emcee terjun on this day...haha but I glad I did it because I can say what I wanted to say.

Thank you so much to Pastors and rombongan for spend time and praying for our family. Thanks also for specifically pray for my dad.

Here are the photos of preparations for the pemung mana.

My brother is in charge of "panggang ayam". He is my only brother in this world.

My son eating breakfast with his cousin, Demma.

Here we are... The sisters and my mom

While we are prepararing the food, my son playing with his cousin, Demma while my hubba look out for him.

Teaching my dad how to video call/call me via whatsapp & mobile

This is my parent's house at kampung. I love this place so much.

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