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Christmas 2022 Spending & Review

31 December 2022

Christmas 2022 is over!
So,  it's time to sit down and calculate all my spending during Christmas 2022! 
I make a goal this Christmas to keep track every single spending because I want to know the actual amount I spent. From that, I can improve my Christmas budget for next year!

Why I do this?
I really want to have peace of mind Christmas
I mean, I don't want to worry about money before and during Christmas! I want to have enough money to celebrate Christmas and never ever swipe credit card anymore just because we don't have enough Christmas fund.
Christmas is one event that we celebrated every end of year so it's not something yang datang mengejut! I can prepare for it early.

Let's see what I spend during this Christmas.

1. Transportation
- Flight tickets + Luggages + Seat ( 2 ways) = RM1849.58 
- Home <-->  KLIA2 ( 2 ways)*
- Bintulu Airport <--> My Sister's place (2 ways) = RM35(taxi) + RM25(Grab) 
- Bintulu <--> my kampung ( 2 ways)*
TOTAL = RM1,909.50

For this category *, I am grateful for my Uncle Pastor Suli and my 2nd sister's family for help us on tranportation to airport and my kampung respectively. We really appreciate it! It's help us a lot!! God bless you!!💖💖

2. Belanja Krismas ( Food & Drink)
- Biskut Krismas = RM215 
- Food ( For Christmas & Pemung Mana)
Chicken wings - RM128/box = RM256 ( 2 boxes)
Ikan = RM78 
Chicken tail=  RM90 
- Sayur-sayuran & other's groceries = RM204.65
- Drinks
Air kotak = RM193.50 
TOTAL = RM1,037.15

For this category, I really grateful and appreciate my 4th sister for support us for belanja Krismas! Tuhan memberkati kakakku! dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu! I think she spent more than us.
Tips : Support each others. Don't just relied on one person to buy all.

3.  Gifts

4. Deco
 *We bought ornaments for Christmas tree but never use it as our Christmas tree cacat!

5. Extra
- Make new IC = RM110  ( eiii still geram on this)
- Farmasi = RM31.30 (Bought medicine for my husband)
- Formula milk + Mee Happy = RM46
- Persembahan during Christmas day = RM65
- Lolilop =  RM12.90 (This one to menghiburkan our son on flight but he don't like it, waste lah)

TOTAL (ACTUAL) = RM3,364.35
TOTAL (BUDGET) = RM3,650 ( you can read my Christmas Budget post HERE)

From this chart, you can see that the actual spending is less than budget. That's because my family help and we support each other to buy Christmas food and drink and also, the transportation.

I am glad I made it to keep track my spending during this Christmas! I can see the exact amount.
From this amount, I can estimate how much we need for Christmas next year. 
From here, I can say, we need roughly RM3500 to save for Christmas next year! It's 320/month.

My prayers, we will have a peace of mind Christmas next year!🙏🙏

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