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Highlights of my 2022

31 December 2022

Finally, its the last day of 2022!
Wow! Thank you Lord Jesus for 365 days! There's no day without YOU this year! This is one thing I am so proud of myself this year, I relied on God more than I ever do in my life.
Just like previous years, I had ups and downs through the year so I want to share the highlights of my 2022


- Our son's health getting better!

We started our 2022 with BANG! Our son get sick at kampung. This changed our life in 2022. We had many follow up at hospital and my son keep sick too. 
Also, this year we started to take care of our son by ourselves. Before this, we had our lived in babysitter. In the beginning, it's very challenging but eventually, we can do it!Thanks to my husband for being very hands on and supportive taking care of our son.

- Celebrated our son 2nd birthday

We are so THANKFUL that we can celebrated our son's 2nd birthday with our family from Sabah. Thank you LORD!! God bless you, my son.

- Send our son to playschool

Finally the moment that I never looking forward for but eventually I need t.  After his 2nd birthday, we sending our son to playschool. It's very challenging especially when we looking for the right school for him. Thanks God, we found the right one.

- We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary

This year is 3rd years of our marriage! hahaha 

Honestly, there no more lovey dovey and I dont expected much on anything, I am just grateful we are still together and happily raised our son. I no need any gifts or sweet words, just be in action and always be there for me in this life.

- Making family outing every weekend as routine

I really love about this! We make family outing to somewhere like park, beach or ice cream shop, just for family outing. Its just a simple moment, but I love it!

- We celebrated Christmas with my family at Sarawak

This year, its our turn to celebrate Christmas with my family! I am happiest!! 😍😍


 - Celebrated 1 year anniversary at work

Yeahh! Thank you Lord Jesus for make me stay strong in this workplace. Thank you for my colleagues and vendors that helped me a lot! 

- I am in process to get my Ts title

Its just beginning but I really wanted this. Not because of title but all the process and after process I get the Ts, its make me become more responsible on my career journey. P.s : It's not that easy hehe.

- I bravely nego for better salary

I never ever nego my salary sepanjang I bekerja but this year, I had opportunity to do so and its really work. Thank you Lord!


 - I consistently trying to improve my money management

This year, I consistently make my budget, track my spending and handle my debts. I still not perfect but I can say, I have progress. I don't want to be forever having an issue with money management. I am 34 years old already! I want to have a PEACE with my money and make money do it job for me.


I am just grateful that I can go through this year. Thank you LORD!

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