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Ngabang Day

24 December 2022

24/12/2022 ( Friday)
It's Ngabang day!
Ngabang is open house. In my kampung, everyone is open their house for anybody during this day. Everyone can visit any house and eat any food that the home owner prepare.
When I was child, I really loves this ngabang because I can visit people house that I always curious about and of course, I want to eat variety of food.
Back then, everyone making their own biscuits and cake for Christmas! I love the smell of our kampung early days of Christmas because it's smell wonderful ( homemade biscuits and cake). Nowadays, most people can afford to buy biscuits and cake and have little time to make homemade biscuits and cake.
Every house I went, mostly served pre made (kilang made) biscuit except my older sister's house. She make homemade biscuits and cake and I love it!
On this day, we masak-masak again.
My mom is super busy when the day like this. I can't stop her for doing this and I can't even keep up with what's she doing for the family. My mom such a hardworker!
I am so grateful for having my mom and God bless you Mom(We')!

On this ngabang day, I went to my older sister's house, my aunties's house and some relatives. I can't go to everyone house as I am so full.

My mom went for Kebaktian Christmas Eve. We didn't go because my son sleeping early and we are tired too.

Also, my son and his cousin open their Christmas gifts as they can't wait already haha

That's the end of the day.

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