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It's Christmas Day!!

25 December 2022

It's Christmas day!
Our Christmas is very simple. We don't have any specific routine but usually, we will go for Christmas service at Church in the morning around 9am-11am. After that, we will continue to ngabang at different house.
This Christmas, we went to church in the morning but we can't stay longer as our son keep screaming and wanted to go out, so we just went to church for few moment only.
Since my sister do ngabang on Christmas day, so we went to her house and help her on anything. After church, everyone will go ngabang and this is the best moment everrr.

On this Christmas morning, my son insists to wear this bicycle cap to go to church.😂😂

Kang kuk, my youngest nephew

Sempat ambil gambar dalam perjalanan ke church

Wefie tak menjadi

We at church

Christmas 2022 wefie

Of course with my mom

One with Kang

My cutest niece! One and only niece 

My son playing with his cousins


Let's start ngabang

Final Piala Krismas 2022!
One of my nephew playing

My sisters and my mom, yes,I am the biggest and youngest hahaha

Back home playing with Demma's toys

That's how our Christmas 2022 end! 
It's just like other day but I am so grateful I can spend time with my family, eating good food and of course, having my little family with me make it even better.

Till next Christmas!!
Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki untuk celebrate Christmas!

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