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My nephew Enrique playing football in Malaysia Little League

03 December 2022

This weekend, I had big goal which is go see my nephew Enrique playing football in Malaysia Little League at UKM.

Do you know what is Malaysia Little League?
Malaysia Little League or Liga Tunas Malaysia - Program melahirkan bakat baharu bola sepak negara oleh Kementerian Sukan Negara & Kementerian Pendidikan.
As far as I know, this program was established or launching around July 2022. It's quite new program but hopefully this can make a way for new footballer.

After lunch, I feel so nervous whether I can't make it or not because the time my nephew playing is my son's napping time.
But, with the power of mak-mak, my son wake up and sit without crying in the car seat. He seems understand that, I need to make it to see my nephew playing and meet him.

They lost this time but I hope my nephew and team can play better next time and keep the passion for football. I hope and pray that my nephew will be professional football player one day. I know, he loves football so I hope he always do what he loved in his entire life.
I am so grateful because I can make it to see my nephew playing in Malaysia Little League, goal is accomplished!

Just a little bit nostalgia when I saw my nephew Q ni.
I saw him since he was a baby and I remember, I rarely spend time with him because I spent mostly here, I Semenanjung studying but when I go back for holiday or Christmas, I always played with my nephews, they are so comel and small that time hahaa
Now, it's so weird to see him in front of me as a little man now hahaha. God is good! Tuhan menyertai pertumbuhananya dan perkembangannya sehingga menjadi anak yang baik.
This make me thinking of my son... 
One day my son will be like this too. I don't know what's the path he take but I really hope he will turn well in his life. I hope he will always healthy and well.
Whenever think of my son kan, macam-macam dah fikiran keluar. Lepas tu, rasa takut dan kurang confidence untuk mendidik anak menjadi anak yang baik pun datang...
Takut cara didikan dari kecil mempengaruhi anak di masa depan.
Tetapi siapa saya untuk takut dan kurang confidence kan? 
Beranikan diri dan tambah ilmu untuk didik anak dengan baik.
Okay, enough of this kind of "overthinking" hahaha.

I met my nephew Q very brief moment yesterday, sedih lahhh... but we will go back for Christmas this year so hopefully can meet and talk more that time.

As aunt, I am so proud of my nephew Enrique Henlee Jack because he able to come this far. Let's do it your best again next time ( if there next time hehe).


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